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Ten Ways to Remain Human and Kind

Ten Ways to Remain Human and Kind

The answer to inhumane forces pushing us from a cliff is becoming more humane than ever.
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There are some pretty uncanny forces at work to separate us.

It seems from the outside, they’re doing a pretty good job. Opening Twitter is like taking the lit from a can of worms. Outrage and blame roam the streets like Robocop with a bad temper. 

Shooting hate from the hip

A deep divide runs through our world. 

Well, you must know what I’m talking about. It’s all over the place, especially on anti-social media. 

The grand canyon of misunderstanding.

Interestingly enough, this divide is hardly present in my typical day-to-day life. It’s quite the opposite. Many of my friends realize there is some bizarre war going on. So we talk and try to make sense, trying not to be sucked down in the mud. 

In times of deep crisis, people tend to come together and care for each other.

My gist is it’s those pages of future history books. We are writing Big F*cking Capital Letters history, my friends. 

I’ve put much work into many articles to make sense of it all, trying to grasp the dynamics of the beast. I am not going to do that now. Or maybe, a little. It always helps to zoom out big time. I love that. 

The social wasteland results from humanity's current massive shift of ‘everything’. System change is coming and this means old structures are dying. Its the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The process of letting go brings a lot of insecurity and unsafety. These periods are characterized by:

  • Less tolerance

  • We are more accessible to manipulation through the use of mass-fear

  • We need a scapegoat.

We’re seeing all of this playing out right in front of us.

My message is: Give each other a break

Ten ways to become more human

The answer to inhumane forces pushing us from a cliff is becoming more humane than ever. 


  1. Listen to what people say. Not their words, but what’s behind it. Their fears, worries, and failure to understand what’s happening. Tell them: I feel you, I get you. It’s hard. 

  2. Take breaks from it all. Switch off. Do the Wifi detox once in a while. 

  3. Surround yourself with creative, kind and open spirits. Give more than you maybe need to receive. 

  4. Try to be there for others and focus less on yourself. Make others a priority. Daily. See what happens after a month. 

  5. Be silent. Listen to the winds of change. Don’t resist. Be like bamboo, go with that force, but listen to your ethics.

  6. Morale and ethics are everything in times of social breakdown and power abuse. Stay tuned with what matters to you and express this where and when you can

  7. Give hugs. As many as you can

  8. Smile, laugh, and make jokes about the crazy stuff going down.

  9. Stay in your high love frequency. This sounds like new-age boe hoe, you can translate that to your world. In other words, don’t fall for the victim trap.

  10. Stay hopeful, optimistic, and inspiring. Be a guiding light, listen to your love, and never succumb to fear. 


Make your circle smaller and smaller. The people close to you are all that matters. Here you can make the most impact. Here you can feel safe, be nurtured, and be one. 

All those far-away screen hyper objects don’t matter at the end of the day. 


Let go of hyper objects

Don’t get hijacked by the perception police. 

Climate change, Covid, Russia-Ukraine War, Elections, Vaccines, Passports, Biden, Electricity crisis, Pipeline, Gas, Variants. Green. Renewables. Trump. Crypto. Cyborgs, Musk.

Don’t let these empty labels grab you by the balls and drown you down. It’s all fugazi, fairy dust. 

Big sounding words wrapped in narratives to influence your behaviour. To keep you imprisoned in low-frequency emotions like outrage and hate. Fertile soil for group-think. 

That’s one stage before atrocities since nobody takes real responsibility. The group voice will say: I was just following orders.  

Be the wise one. Be the loving one. Include others. Listen to their stories, and feel their pain and doubt. 

We are all in this mess equally. And we need your light and love. 

When I’m in a safe and peaceful state, I feel it’s not a mess. When I make my life smaller, meet people where they are, co-create, talk and exchange, my experience is that this creates a spark that lights up the world. My world. The world.

And that’s enough. 

It's seen and felt by my future avatar who’s dancing and thriving on healing unity consciousness—galaxies of consciousness away, and at the same time right now in this time-space continuem.

We’re multi-dimensional beings.

Choose in what reality you like to be and co-create it.

Choose the Human one by being one.  

Lucien Lecarme

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