Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
The Binary Trap: Escaping the Hero-Villain Illusion.

The Binary Trap: Escaping the Hero-Villain Illusion.

Making sense of the most recent war...uhhh, which one?
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Isn’t it bizarre that the moment the public opinion on the Russia — Ukraine war shifts, a new crisis emerges immediately?

Well, it’s not new really, it’s around 4000 years old and probably humanities biggest hate-fest.

Something did change in all of those years.

The perception management of the masses seems more important than the actual battle on the ground. Notice that when the first cracks appear in the ‘righteousness of the victims’, the moral ground to kill thousands of innocent civilians also fades. And does billions of support from war Santa Claus Biden.

The real battle is fought over our minds, in the trenches of the attention economy.

It’s a battle against us, the people, whom are actually more and more uniting. We’re redirecting our attention and awareness beyond the constant created narratives. It’s us finally uncovering the systemic source of evil, beheading the top of the pyramid. Exposing the structure of the few entities financing both sides of each conflict.

We finally seem to get it!

The solution lies in our awareness moving beyond any anti, enemy, or Binary thought. It’s in our unity.

This piece aids to that consciousness, the seed of the implosion of century-old power structures that have increased their mind control skills to next levels with the help of A.I.

With every new war, they’re losing ground. This is why.

Are we raging our last wars?

Obviously, a real war is raging on the ground in Gaza and Israel. The good guys / bad guys polarity in MSM has shifted from Zelensky — Putin to Hamas — Israel.

The civilian casualties on both sides are the harm pushed on the shoulders of children, women, men and all innocent Israelis and Palestinians that, deep in their hearts, don’t want this war. And, in fact, on almost all of us. I’ll explain later.

The extraction?

More blood money for the war machine. More $$$ printed and whitewashed, more ‘aid‘ that will disappear in the pockets of Raytheon, Lockheed and shady war middlemen, sociopath Ceo’s and corrupt puppet politicians.

The cornerstone of America’s whole existence is war.

The U.S military industrial complex has become a vampire that can’t see the bright daylight of truth and peace and continues to live from lies and the blood of war.

My gist is that it’s all coming to the light since the curtain of cognitive dissonance somehow is pulled away from the world stage.

The blue pills are sold out and there’s only red ones left.

More and more people stand with their backs against the wall after decades of economic, spiritual and ideological war.

They have simply nothing to loose.

And there is a more clever, almost spiritual dynamic going on.

Things are pushed to the extreme for the masses to see

We’re currently experience vertical exponential curves of everything, including wars.

For the total corruption to become so transparent, it will hurt the eyes of the newly woken people. And it will kill the vampire.

It is for the world to see.

Deep in our hearts we’re sick and tired of those wars. Nobody wants wars—only the sick few that profit from it. The religious or ideological reason for the ‘fighters’ on the battlefield is carefully planted in their heads by deep state operatives, fueled by their hate (since they lost family members too), AKA the same mind f*ck. A vicious circle of hate and terror that is kept alive and abused by the power-hungry.

When you take off your propaganda glasses you’ll see that each and every war conducted by the U.S for the past decades has been de result of pathological lies and false flags. The real leader’s that wanted to lift the veil like the early Kennedy’s, Malcolm X and the King, got murdered. The three pivotal moments in deep state brainwash operatives have been the killing of JF Kennedy, 9/11 and the Covid hoax. Make no mistake about it, the current Gaza crisis might be another Pearl Harbor moment of great significance.

Next step, the masses are gaslighted into choosing a side.

When you go deep enough in the rabbit hole, you’ll discover that the power giants beyond all humanities wars and crises always sponsor both sides of a conflict. They thrive in our created chaos, division and despair. The new measures to solve the created problem always take more freedoms away. Meanwhile, the extraction continues.

Till there’s nothing left. Till the global hunger games society is a fact.

It won’t happen.

What we’re noticing is the Pride before the Fall. All civilizations collapsed, and the U.S hegemony is breaking apart. Sadly, it is taking down as many casualties and deaths as possible in its blind power fury.

Under President Trump’s leadership, the U.S. military dropped a bomb every 12 minutes.

President Obama, the antiwar candidate and Nobel Peace Prize winner, waged war longer than any American president. His administration’s targeted-drone killings resulted in at least 1.3 million lives lost to the U.S.-led war on terror. ( source: Global Research)

A Linguistic War

Terrorism doesn’t exist.
It’s the T word planted in our heads to provoke psychological in-group fear
for an imaginary enemy.

This Psy-op has evolved so far that we’re in a linguistic war. Simply using the word Terrorist or Climate Change or Covid or Conspiracy Theorist pushes the button to activate zombie Group Think: the biggest weapon around and we’ve pointed it at ourselves.

We’re holding ourselves hostage.

How would Israelis react when they find out the Rothschilds and the CIA have co-created or at least funded Hamas? A jewish family killing their own? O no. O yes, because the entity is anti-human and got its succes from moving beyond any ethical or moral constraint. It adheres to the nihilistic God of blood money & sheer power.

How will Americans and Ukrainian people react when they discover that around 70% of the weapons promised to Ukraine never arrived? As it seems, some of it is now in the hands of Hamas—the rest on the black market for any ‘terrorist’ with enough greenback to purchase.

Here we go again, in the binary trap—the black-and-white division of the world in Freedom Hero’s and Villains. It’s so tempting to go there because of our psychology.

Simply don’t go there.


The solution to the binary trap

Simply don’t go there.

Stop wasting time trusting our leaders. They’ve gone past the moral Checkpoint Charlie. A point of no return. Also, please don’t give them your power and attention any more.

To not give our power away anymore is the people’s atomic bomb to end all conflicts.

Here are bullet points of action to make this world the beautiful place it always has been again:

  • Do everything in your power to unite.

  • Embrace other humans, and stay open.

  • Do not fall into the trap that clever information warfare designers have set up for the average Joe; to find you on one side of the imaginary camp.

  • Wake up to the mechanisms and weapons used to divide us. Twitter, Facebook and other social media are facilitating this collapse.

  • Embrace higher values and restore good faith communication by cancelling cancel culture.

  • Start practising this in a trusted environment and scale it.

  • Start building new local societal structures with peers from your higher values. Regardless.

  • Don’t get distracted. A.I is after you.

Oh, I forget once powerful thing. Gas-prices have been going up again after this latest escalation.

This means you, and me, and your neighbor’s dog pay for this war.

Read that again.

Understand that the warlords speculate on gas and oil prices while having (criminal) front seat knowledge. We pay for their profit. No, not with our lives, but still. How much longer ? Can you see millions of people stop everything they do and finally come together to end all this madness? Can you feel the global fire? Can you see the rise of the unity movement? Completely peaceful. This time too big to frame or be called terrorists or Hamas-Putin lovers or whatever they come up with. Since we broke free from our self-inflicted hostage.

Since we finally got it. It is about moving beyond the division. The power is in the (our) numbers. Some say the sociopath vampires ruling the world fit in a single bus.

The way to end it all:

Feel the Peace in your heart.

Move beyond being divided.

Imagine our unity

Get together beyond fear

Lucien Lecarme

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