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Be Angry, be Outraged, but be aware of Hate

Be Angry, be Outraged, but be aware of Hate

Your Sensemaking Weekly Summery on solving our social meta crisis

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Welcome to Sensemaking Weekly Summary.

A sum up of links and sources I found in my quest for sensemaking, of what I’ve read this week, and the insights and wisdom I gained from these sources.

I try to keep my scope of information broad, as part of my sincere effort and intention not to get too narrowed down in biased thinking, by reading only a select amount of sources that will solely confirm my bias.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to promote the W.E.F website here, unless they suddenly gained massive self-perspective on what they’re doing and maybe, just maybe, come to the realization that some of it are not serving the poorer 99% of humanity.

Or the W.H.O.

Maybe at one point, they get struck by a massive flare of light, penetrating the hearts of their directors, leading to a sudden pandemic of self-assessment, resulting in a confession of their wrongdoings, like spreading worldwide medical tyranny as a result of serving the billionaire hands that feed them. It would be great if this confession would be streamed worldwide.

Or imagine Bill Gates giving all his wealth away to Vaxx Victims and starting volunteer work in a African orphanage for children who’s mothers died of his experimental jabs, pre-tested before going on the global market.

A grand mea culpa won’t come directly, but as Charles Eisenstein argues in his latest brilliant podcast, it could open a door to forgiveness, and hell , why not, Amnesty.

Don’t click away now, at the end of this writing you might agree.

I had lost track of Charles Eisenstein, but he pulled me in again with his chain of heart-connected thoughts. The medicine of his last two podcasts can be summarised into this, using my own words:

Understandably, Covid new abnormal victims feel Anger.

A corrupted Government, steered by sociopath rampaging Pharma, protected by giant censoring Big Tech, and propagated by owned Fascist Media, has been and still is, on a campaign of totalitarian terror and death against humanity.

Anger is OK, but don’t let this anger turn into hate.

Imagine the tables turn and Covid critics are on top. A Nuremberg 2 will happen, led by Rainer Fuellmich. Will there be death sentences? I mean, Pharma killed evidently over millions of people when we take the consequences of lockdowns into account.

We are still in the dark on what’s to come regarding Vaxx deaths and harm.

Will the Bourla’s of this word be dragged from their castles and be exposed on townsquares so we can throw rotten fruits and our Vaxx harm on them? A blacked out contract won’t help this time. The mob will demand full transparancy of what’s in the bloody jabs.

The main point Eisenstein makes is that if Humanity wants to move forward, the perpetrators need to show true insight. Ethical awareness of their wrongdoing. And how this all could have happened to them. This needs to be real. We need to feel that this is real.

The main goal is that the current atrocities against humanity won’t happen ever again.

I mean, they haven’t even stopped yet.

Sure, there can be punishment, there can be sentences, and there can be jail time, but beware of the underlying group getting consumed by hate. Imagine that turning into toxic groupthink. And behavior. No New Zeeland bunker hiding the bad guys will be able to dodge that.

History shows it's all too human that we, the covid dissidents, will come after, torture, shame, blame, cancel and simply murder the Fuaccis, Gates, Tedrosses, Biden’s, Schwab’s and many more complicit billionaires. I mean, look at with how many we are.

I like to add to this wisdom from Eisenstein that this would be no way forward. On a very spiritual level, this transformation all feels like a revolution of inclusion. Not a revolution where the suppressed turn into the oppressors.

Charles's warning is well-timed.

I assess that the channels I read are mostly still in the stage of being cynical. And in victimhood. Channels like Global Research initiated by Michel Chossudovsky. I love the content and the energy behind it to name the atrocities and to warn people.

Still, I feel that in most of the articles the authors mourn. They point out the perpetrators behaviour, and realize we’re still unable to stop it. Its falling into a strange mood of naming the crimes and who’s dunnit, while radiating a sense of being powerless. The only option that seems to remain is getting angry at the people still falling for it since they seem to maintain the status Quo.

They are still acquiescing. The main thing for all of us to do is to stop acquiescing.

David Icke’s main message for decades now.

David Icke did the angry thing in this video, speaking to the Dutch Covid Dissidents after being banned from the Netherlands and all other Schengen countries for two years. He was to speak at a peace rally for Ukraine on the 6th of November, but a Jewish organization blamed him for being anti-semitic, and the press took to the attack.

In the clip, David’s anger is tangible. I never have seen him so angry.

All very understandable. The Netherlands effectively have turned into a dictarorship and Icke’s case is the nail on the coffin of free speach in the flat country.

The upside is that, again, millions are waking up to it.

There is a thin line regarding the anger it provokes, brought into the light by Eisenstein. Don’t let this anger transform into blind hate. By the way, I am not saying Icke is doing this. He’s a wise man. At the end of most of his more recent videos, he talks about love, being one and not fall for the trap of believing the lables put on us.

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A new not so new killer innocent virus

The last talk in Narrative town is mainstream puppet media fearmongering again about a triple pandemic, or tripledemic.


Off Guardian Guardian Angel Kit Knightly shows how the narrative has been set up in his clear style. Suddenly we got a new virus, Respiratory syncytial virus. RSV. The reality is that RSV has existed for ages. It’s in the package of what we used to call the cold. We all had RSV before we got two years old.

According to Kit, MSM misuses the power of language and double-think. In one article, they refer to the innocent character of RVS and in one sentence call it a new killer virus.

Same old story, a new name. And..,

New Vaccine.

Yes, you know the drill. It's disgusting.

What to do? Well, not buying the product, I would say.

Robbert F. Kennedy JR. Spotted the same dynamics and tweeted about the new scam


When and how does this ever stop?

The point to make here is, when does this ever stop?

And taking the above into consideration:

  • YES, we need to keep on speaking up, telling our truth, and trying to wake more people up in doing so. And stop acquiescing.

  • We should not give in to the sweet temptation of hate, revenge, and becoming perpetrators ourselves

  • We should always remain the wise, loving ones. There is a mechanism in humans that truths will come up, people have hearts, and many can live too long with bad conscience. We need to trust this process.

  • Yes, public opinion is essential, the whole thing can tumble, and we can get the sense of winning. We need to keep battling the Gestapo big tech info warfare with our trust and versions of the truth that resonate with love, inclusiveness and collective consciousness.

They can’t keep on fighting something organic, natural, and closer to source.

With the wisdom mentioned above from Eisenstein, the Nuremberg trials can be useful for the psychological process. That of the criminals being brought in the face of justice. Admitting their crimes, and more importantly, showing insights into what led them there.

Why they switched off their internal morale? And most of all, taking responsibility. Not blaming everything on the system, on “Yeah, but everybody was looting and grabbing”. Or the one Brown University economics professor Emily Oster tried in her plea for Amnesia in the Atlantic. The famous one the Ex-SSérs used after world war II:

Wir haben es nicht gewusst. We didn’t know.

That won’t do. Sorry.

They need to show us why they did no effort to read some of the other sources, to feel what we felt. The same thing I invite you to keep on doing to avoid falling for the hate trap, wanting to see the heads of all these criminals against humanity hang.

We need to make sense together, we need their insights and psycho-dynamics on why they did not want to know, so it will never happen again.

Lucien Lecarme

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