Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
The Ultimate Strategy to Stay Happy and Sane

The Ultimate Strategy to Stay Happy and Sane

And overthrow the forces that are spoiling the fun

Dear Friends, followers, people with a laptop or phone and a wish to make sense of this world.

First, I excuse since I’ve been out of writing for quite a while. There are several reasons.

The biggest one is that I met a woman. She rocked my world like a comet and disappeared more or less with the same force as she entered my Kingdom.

Yes, I left you, dear readers, for a woman.

I needed two months to get to my senses again.

She was the most divine trigger of the last remaining trauma debris left in my universe. I am as profoundly grateful as I was horrified. I remember telling her at some stage that a woman has the power to transport a man to another planet… and then just leave him there.

Well, I am happy that I returned safely to planet earth and writing again to share my latest idea about…yeah, about what?

What did I miss? I might have to ask you, dear reader, to update me.

Sure, I checked my popular dissent leaders on substack and some podcasts, and it's hard not to notice Russel Brand’s soundbites on my phone.

My general feeling is that nothing interests me anymore.

I feel stupid to confess this kinda nihilistic cool in your face, but it's true.

The problem here is;

There is too much information. This has caused a general complete disinterest in anything out there in my system.

I would never have thought that I would write these words. Damn, what happened?

What’s going on, and do you recognize this?

Let me specify the disinterest first. I still love to listen to the soothing voice of Charles Eisenstein or the complex brilliance of Daniel Schmachtenberger. But does it matter what they say? For what cause?

Did the information war win my soul? Am I lost now?

Here is my main thought, and don’t worry, there are still things that deeply matter to me. Like my Cat Wichita. Being in the sun and philosophizing about life, eating a good meal, and hanging out with friends.

I suffer from post covid information craze syndrome. 

The relentless propaganda has been so fierce that it's time to relax. Sure, there is still propaganda going on, wars raging, money being sucked out of the system, global corporate elites' parasites sucking the world dry, lies being reversed into truths and then denied ( aka the lab leak example)

Orwellian doublethink is all over the floor, but I don’t give a shit. I am no longer available. That’s a better term.

There is another thing. Billions have accepted the new normal, (which is other than normal as you know). And I am tired of this fact. Not beaten, just tired. It created a fake world based on lies. I am not joining discussions in a totalitarian quarantine camp for conspiracy theorists that part of the Internet has become. 

And yes, it is being monitored. 

I am outside of everything.

To quote David Icke, I refuse to play or speak in their stadium.

To not worry and relax, live and enjoy, is a strategy.

It's my response to the general state of outrage, toxic tweeting and binary thinking that is all over the shop. I can't buy into this stupidity any longer. I don’t feel the need to wake up people any longer.

Let the sheep be sheep. They have their fantastic Karma. I can count them to fall asleep. I noticed there are fewer and fewer.

Not to worry and relax to beat totalitarianism. Great number sticker.

For a while, I was tempted to believe in creating my own high-frequency light spaceship and meet other light-giving souls and talk and dream about New Earth.

This is still valid, but also a little spiritual bypassing. As if I would be protected against CBDC’s dictating my spending just by altering the frequency.

No, the strategy is to be human.

To fall in love and be rejected. To eat shitty food once in a while and get drunk. To be wrong about things. To refrain from joining a discussion about whether A.I is taking over the world or not. A discussion that is secretly incentiviced by A.I to fuck us up. Just to be happy. To be human.

To do this, you must leave specific information streams. Go back to nature. Be with friends. Forget about a world that doesn't exist because it's created by a system designed to get us hooked, confused, and shocked. That knows your weak spots.


Be happy.

Help your neighbour.

Fall in Love. It’s spring.

Lucien Lecarme

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