Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
Choose Love, Not X

Choose Love, Not X

A Peace Poem
Source: Midjourney

When your profit model is based on time on-sight
A wounded baby online makes tons of money, right?
You rake your profit on children that bleed
On humanities division, you feed

The Israel — Palestine war is humanities ultimate choice
The deepest wound on earth
The pain monetized until we use our true voice
When greed bleeds death, there will be a new birth

The vampire of money must die
When we wake up from being used
By the big-tech social media sociopath lie
When we realize our attention has been abused

It is time to leave the beast
To starve the parasite
It's on binary thought it feeds

Choose love, not X

Will this be the last war, for there will be no more?
Then innocent blood isn’t spoiled in vain
Israel weaponizing their holocaust pain
An intervention must stop this and create peace at its core

It is time for humanity to stand up
Teacher, Leave those screens alone
Break through your narcissistic bubble of likes and thumbs up
Become real again beyond watching your bloody iPhone

Become real in your love and thrive
Make an honest soul deep-dive
Embrace both sides
Be bigger than big money’s manipulation of your holy life

Wars are raged for power, resources and money
Not for a holy land
That’s to trick people into feeling religiously right
And be blinded for the real suffering on both sides of the fight

Only when humanities voice will be united
We can have a powerful demand
For all wars to end
It all starts when we move beyond the polarity ignited

Only opinions make battles wage
Choosing sides gives fire to the rage
Its hate energy makes the worse crimes right
What we need is the light of forgiveness, love and light to ignite:


Lucien Lecarme


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