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Humanity's Renaissance: The Magic of Taking Our Power Back

Humanity's Renaissance: The Magic of Taking Our Power Back

Practical exercises to train the revolution mindset
Source: Torben Brooks. Midjourney

Humanity seems to have lost its way. 

Woke Fascism, democracy down the drain (there never was any democracy really, more the simulation of it to keep us busy), corporate global power grab through aimed digital enslavement (no worries, they won’t win), acceleration of created crisis to keep us from uniting and thinking, parasitical hyper extraction of wealth, the relentless economic attack on the middle-class, ( well, basically all of us expect the 0,01% mafia bosses who print the money and make the rules).

All in all, we’re in the era of behind-the-scenes restructuring of the world while perception management went next level because of our screens. Our self-chosen imprisonment and trojan horse attention theft.

Many of us have become a miserable bunch of cowards, hiding behind group-think, clicking heals when the next crisis is planted through narrative warfare. 

The good news? 

Being lost is the perfect scenario to find our way back home again.

When all seems lost, this is the moment in movies when something magical happens. When a leading kernel of truth appears, when the fire of courage returns in the eyes of the beaten villagers and the escape route out of the valley of death lights up, and the hero climbs out of the snake pit.

This is a positive message I’m about to deliver to the doorstep of your consciousness. When all seems lost, things will be found again. 

This is how you can play a role in moving from despair to victory. 

The Next Phase is coming: Incorporation

My latest essay was about modern day rebels and shamans who follow the tripartite from Van Gennip’s famous Anthropological groundwork: The Rites of Passage

Separation, transition and Incorporation. 

I identify my personal journey that started when I was 18 with my dark night of the soul: a deep identity & existential crisis (separation), followed by my transition, a journey through different cultures, relationships and experiences out of the ordinary, mending back the lost pieces shattered by trauma. Then, finally, Incorporation/Integration: The lost son or wounded healer comes home to the village—my return to the Netherlands. 

In the essay, I compare this personal rites of passage with our collective journey of how we got disconnected from our primal source: nature. I realize this is also the story of Adam and Eve and the fall from paradise. Is relentless expanding technology the red apple? And why is Apple called Apple?

I digress.

The story of separation, the primal myth of your Western culture, is literally the first step from Van Gennip’s Rites of Passage. Now, we’re clearly in our collective dark night of the soul. We’re in the transition phase.  

At first, we seem lost. Many indicators show there’s no other way but to fall from the cliff of our civilization—global collapse. We are going through our collective darkest shadows right now. When you look closer, very intelligent, almost non-earthly forces seem to trigger us to either comply or step in our power to awake from our consumer slumber and heal our wounds. A significant paradigm shift is happening right under our feet. 

In the essay, I stop there. I haven’t written about the third Rite of Passage, humanity’s coming home. Returning to where we’ve come from, reconnecting to our source: Wisdom, Love and Unity.

Paradise. Halleluia. 

How do we get there from here?

The most essential question that might also linger in your mind is: how do we get there? How do we find the path out of Dante’s Hell? Where is the secret door? Who has the light that leads us out of this valley of death, despair and vaccines?

Here, we get to the point where we must use our imagination—the moment in the journey where storytellers come into play. We can’t create this new world from the same mindset that built the collapsing systems, as to quote Einstein.

We need to jump collectively over the pending cliff straight into the arms of humanity 2.0.

A global renaissance of unprecedented scale. It will come, rest assured. 

I have been writing about our awakening for years now, but there is more I love to share. I have found an efficient way to accelerate this process in my circles. I’ve discovered one of the core attributes or mindsets that will spark this revolution of inclusion. I hope this will enforce the current wildfire of deep change, the virus of truth and the pandemic of awakening. 

Learn more on how this renaissance will look like:

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The one thing I discovered that will change everything

I am talking about the realization that we’ve been brainwashed to give our power away to ‘authority’. 


Taking power back starts in the mind. 

First, you must still have your critical thoughts or claim them back. My substack is full of articles than can support you in doing so.

Second, you train yourself to discern these moments when you subtly give your power away. The red flag to recognize these thoughts is when you talk about ‘ them’, ‘ the elite’, and ‘the powers that be’, but in a fatalistic way. You think of them as an unbreachable wall of money power that never can be broken. You already lost. 

I have done this in the past many times, and even in the start of this article, but something has changed. The realization that it doesn’t solve anything.

Some alternative platforms like OffGuardian do this all the time too. I follow them daily, but I notice the victim feel of their pieces. They do great as a wake-up platform for people, but I like to take you a step further. 

Practical exercises for the revolution mindset

It is easier to be the victim than to take responsibility, especially after all these decades of conditioning. But it can be done. It's a daily training, especially in conversations with others.

The first practical step is to become aware when friends or maybe yourself fall back into the victim mode. 

It's easy to discern since there is this underlying feeling of ‘having lost already’. It's conspiracy groupthink. It's safe out there in slave country, whining about how clever and mean they are. It creates a bond—the comfort of losers. It’s still based on fear. 

I get it. It’s not easy to stay strong all the time. I have my short fallback moment too, but because I’ve been working on my shadows and trauma for the last years there’s almost no more fertile victim ground left. So the second practice is basically to own your shit.

Become a stronghold. Train your mind first. Action comes later. How might this play out? We don’t know at this stage, but it could be Podcast hosts with a large audience that refuse to stop speaking their truth, or maybe a pop band with critical lyrics going underground !

The revolution in Prague in ’89 happened because the band The Plastic People of the Universe (named after one of Frank Zappa’s songs) refused to stop playing their songs and went underground an odd fifteen years earlier. Their arrest in March 1976 would light a long fuse on the Velvet Revolution, which would topple communism in Czechoslovakia 13 years later.

By refusing to stop playing their avant garde rock against the orders of Gustáv Husák’s government, and surviving years of imprisonment, threats, harassment and interrogations bordering on torture, they came to symbolise a freedom of musical and artistic expression that totalitarian ideas could never destroy…..The trial of The Plastic People became a rallying cry for opposition to Czech communism. Havel was inspired to pen his pivotal essay “The Power and the Powerless” declaring rock music “a human freedom”, and to help publish Charter 77, a manifesto calling on the Czech government to honour the human rights conventions….This manifesto later led to the velvet revolution in 1989 and for a brief time, Frank Zappa became one of Havel’s official cultural advisors.—The Independent

‘They never saw themselves as a protest band:’ The Plastic People of the Universe railed against the ‘normalisation’ of the current ideology

A tsunami of love after years of fear

Here comes the magic. Training our minds in this attitude is the seed for the sudden spread of the consciousness that we are the people. That there was only unity. That we are one. 

Once we rediscover this force, everything is possible.

The powerful that used cheap tricks have been able to divide because we allowed them to. Because we weren’t ready. Because in some weird way, we needed them to divide us. We needed strong authority placed outside us since our consciousness required to grow in separation, the first phase. 

We are ready.

They feel the heat. Deep in their hearts, they long to give up the game. It’s their specific conditioning that makes it hard for them, too. The sociopath CEO suffers the deepest in his wounded soul, destroying the planet and putting the blame on innocent good folks.

We’re all human. We’re here to thrive collectively. It's so easy. 

We gave the power away since we could not own our sovereignty yet. Now we can. It’s time. And all the mean shit happening right now is forcing millions to deal with their pain, investigate their triggers, and step out of a toxic perpetrator-victim relationship. To see right through the illusion of power. 

It can only exist when you give it away. So we’re are taking it back by the millions. 

Forget the saviour model — become your own

Another tricky subtle way to dodge your responsibility is the saviour model. It’s the Q-anon way.

Spoiler Alert: No saviour is coming to save us. No, Trump is not the new Messiah.

Nor is David Icke, Russel Brand or others in the growing army of cancelled who refuse NOT to speak their truth. They are the ones playing their role in this divine play. The Plastic People of the 2023 Universe. And they are as much important as you are. Some shine a stronger light on the path out of the valley. That’s all. 

With every cancellation, more millions wake up. 

Each video of Russel Brand has more viewers than CNN’s most popular programs. It's not weird that legacy corrupt Media opens their mutual attack on people like Brand. But that’s just the surface. On a deeper level an ideological battle is going on. But it's a cat in the corner. It's sad to witness how they repeat the sexual assault trick, the weaponized virtue signalling to turn the mob against our heroes—the ‘under the belt’ character assassination of honest people who question the narratives.

In the era of The Plastic People of the Universe, the totalitarian rulers used the same trick, only framing the long haired rockers as hooligans, mental cases and druggies. It’s worth noticing that they created the opposite effect:

“The media storm drew more like-minded young sympathisers and protesters to the band, excited by the idea of an underground second culture and keen to break the country’s cultural chains…The intellectuals came out in defence of these young people and they discovered that it worked.”—The Independent

Notice the role of the intellectuals. The very few that stick their neck out in the present New Normal era get huge following. And intense attacks.

Ultimately, the totalitarians do this for the masses to see. It will become more and more absurd in the coming time since they need to reach the minds of the almost beyond-saving zombies. The folks still wearing mouthcaps who can’t wait for the next booster to save the life of their grandparents. 

We’ll thank them ultimately for playing their part in Humanity's awakening. 

Don’t be tricked, though. It's not all in the hands of these influencers and thought leaders while you sit back and watch them save the planet. We all play our roles, and we are mutually important. Every light of truth that shines brighter than the darkness of fear casting a shadow brings us one step closer. 

Be that light. Shine your truth. 

The third phase — incorporation

In the beginning, humanity separated from source. Nature. 

This accelerated during the Industrial Revolution when we went from 500 million to 2 billion earthlings. Then we got seriously lost in transition. We drifted further from our destination through speeding up industrialization through technocratic left brain progress leading to exponential curves of everything. From WOII onwards, we went from 2 billion to 8 billion, just a second in the scale of our time on Earth. Then, not surprisingly, we hit our planetary boundaries. When we figured out we couldn’t fix our shit with the old mindset of infinite profit, blind extraction while externalizing harm, something shifted in our path. We finally understood we needed to learn from our mistakes, feel the enormous pain of the harm we did to our planet and not put this harm in the form of shame expressed as ‘climate change’ on the shoulders of the people, but solve stuff in unity. That’s the only shot we got.

When the self-appointed leaders finally figured out that holding on to the old story would extinct the planet and their bunkers wouldn’t last, they started to integrate their lessons and pain and finally took ownership.

At the same time, the people took back their power. Their wisdom told them they needed to include the elite, the WEF, and whatever Powers that were in a global revolution of inclusion. Otherwise, we would start from scratch again, and the new leaders would be corrupted in time just the same as in any previous revolution since the underlying story didn’t change.

This was when humanity saw light at the end of the tunnel, left the story of separation, and found the path home again. This homecoming was not a reset but a grand re-invention and re-imagining of what it means to be human—returning to source. 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."—Einstein

A global renaissance of everything. 

We woke up in collective consciousness, using human technology of the heart. Finally being the wise stewards of our power and intelligence. Directed by love, not greed. Steered by abundance, not lack. 

I am so excited, Are you?

Lucien Lecarme

Read more on how not only to survive the great reset but thrive while enjoying humanities rebirth

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