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Making Sense of ChatGPT--Human Creativity Killer?

Making Sense of ChatGPT--Human Creativity Killer?

Three reasons A.I is never going to remove real creators and one way it can be tremendously helpful.

A.I is boring as f*ck

I tried it, CHATGPT ( the name is already boring), and made it to write two blog posts.

Sure, I was excited when I got up in the morning and thought: ‘ I’m gonna be rich soon. Let A.I do the work, and nobody will notice’’.

I researched for an hour, got the AiPRM extension on Chrome, figured out a good prompt, and …

The screen wrote a blog in 15 seconds.

I made alterations to have it look more personal, made it poop out tags and SEO, and hit publish.

I was left with an empty feeling.

I spent the day thinking about whether we should take this A.I frenzy serious. Here are three reasons A.I is never going to outsmart and remove real creators altogether.

And one way it can be tremendously helpful.

Its a machine

ChatGPT is the greatest bullshitter ever— A.I Snake Oil on Substack

I tried several titles and made it to write two blogs, and I quickly noticed one thing that is hard to overlook.

Its results are predictable and, thus boring

They lack personality.

The output feels like a computer putting the most obvious stuff together that you can find on the Internet. This is what it does.

What’s impressive is its speed, but not the depth of content.

It misses detail, humour, unexpected turns, style changes, and witty, intelligent metaphors. Again: personality.

Because it’s a machine and always will be

Nobody loves to put Inspiration out of the window

The empty feeling after hitting ‘publish’ was like a truck full of plastic Barbie dolls hitting me like in a B-movie.

A.I steals your inspiration since you don’t need it any longer.

Just Dollar $igns in your eyes and an empty drawer where your ethics should have been stored.

There is no human joy in making a shortcut by doing nothing to create content.

It’s the same as removing all humans and letting machines write and read themselves in a huge digital orgy. Or letting two chess machines compete with each other in an empty stadium.

There’s no warmth.

Wake up. We’re human. We have needs, desires, and cravings. And we have something close to God — AKA the Divine spark: Inspiration.

Inspiration fuels any artist to give up all earthly security while kneeling for his muse. For the golden light, the one thing that births excellent works of art: Inspiration.

Leave out the inspiration, and you get fake security.

Faking your audience and being happy?

Using A.I, I feel that I am faking my audience.

They still believe it's me writing all those epic lines. Or do I undervalue your intellectual skills of you, my dear writer? Of course, you immediately notice that some dancing zeros and ones have written content like this.

My concern is that in a very, very, very short while, with general artificial intelligence ( AGI), it will be almost human. Please make no mistake about it. This is OpenAI’s primary mission.

Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence — AI systems that are generally smarter than humans — benefits all of humanity — Open.AI website

They claim it must serve humanity, but I explain here why A.I not only make this world more fake but is capable of self-terminating society. 

The bottom line, it feels right that every piece was written with the help of A.I should have a disclaimer.

Great news about ChatGPT 

Okay, here’s the good news—the A. I supercomputers in OpenAI HQ have some impressive positive features.

No, seriously, it's the Usain Bolt of information analytics, a million times faster.

It will scroll every corner of the internet for you to analyze, order and select within nano-seconds.

The result? It makes Google look like a pre-historic clay tablet salesman.

OpenAI will become the world's number one search engine.

The powerful capability to analyze and structure information can be seen as A.I.’s best feature at the moment, as a useful tool to help everybody on this planet, except for some grand-nannies living in the remote mountains of Turkmenistan.

With the AiPRM extension, you get a monthly content calendar in one click.

Or what about an excellent SEO Keyword strategy planner? It acts as a market research planner on any topic. For my purpose, I chose Money, and here it is! ( these are only the first three columns)

Screenshot SEO Keyword strategy planner

Approach A. I as a tool to analyze the complete Internet for you and let it create lists. It will spit out bullet points with blog titles, SEO meta descriptions, and trending blog topics. The list is endless. 

Everything you desire. 

A massive time and money saver. 

Start writing today. Use the button below to create your Substack and connect your publication with Make Sense Not War

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Bottom line

Content creators, artists, armies of SEO marketers, writers, video editors, well, basically everybody working with data, should not have to worry (yet) about A.I taking your job, your life and your soul.

Or having sex with your wife.

It’s a machine. It has no deep inspiration burning like a flame. Its output is cold and boring.

When you want to make money using CHATGPT only, go ahead. Enjoy the ride. I might only read your work when you let it perform some of it. I don’t fancy cold perfection.

Use it as a tool to structure the plethora of info out there. Absolutely, I will be doing this too.

Be a real word artist or sell your soul to the machines

The choice is yours

Lucien Lecarme

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