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How the W.E.F Abuses Spiritual Ideas

How the W.E.F Abuses Spiritual Ideas

Brought to them by spiritual young elites who believe they're global leaders
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A while ago, I minted the term spiritual elite.

I live in Ibiza, and all walks of life are represented here. Especially the rich and uber-rich.

Now, what happens when these groups get spiritual?

You get the spiritual elites.

Not that they can help it. Many are the most wonderful kind people. They have their conditioning, their wealthy ancestors, and their protected upbringing within the walls of financial security and elite schools. They eat expensive vegan food daily and drive Range Rovers.

What do the spiritual elites do when it comes to spirituality?

They feel the same new earth feelings as their poor (read less rich) brothers and sisters. They drink ayahuasca, sit in circles to share how happy, shiny and one they are, order massages and healing treatments each day (since they deserve it, it's hard work guarding the family capital) and they invent plans for a better world.

Here it gets interesting.

I am always fascinated by what people tell and what they do. They say they love to go decentralized, that everybody is equal, that those poor Africans need a chance, and that the trees need to be saved for all earthlings to breathe better. And so on.

Then ask them when they donated half of their capital to one of the above causes.

I am still waiting for them to start giving their exuberant wealth away in real programs helping real people. I know it’s hard. The old story of scarcity and lack is still in play, and what the elites hate is losing their money, influence, power, villa and Range Rover. In general, they want more. Since they deserve it. They’re taking this huge burden to lead and change the world.

It’s their deepest fear to lose it all.

Or that malovent thieves steal it from them. To wake up one day, and it’s all gone. The fur of security in uncertain times, the vault of Bitcoins stored in the Swiss mountains, the Tesla, the paintings and watches.

Their self-image of being better people. Evaporated overnight. Waking up in a cheap hostel and eating nothing for breakfast.

I have some millionaire friends I have known for decades, and I love them. They live in their abundant world and I highly respect them. They often sort of excuse for their wealth and never show off. In fact, they need to work their ass off.

I succeed pretty well in not feeling envy, since I know their worries too. They further help me by saying they’re jealous of me. That I’m the real millionaire. I do the fuck I want, have oceans of time to follow passions like writing, and date beautiful women. I don’t have the stress to maintain my third Estate, my fourth car and all the networkmeetings I need to attent to get the confirmation I am still in the elites club. I don’t even stress when I have my last €100,- on my account.

I digress.

For me, Spirituality is what people do in their ordinary lives. Why they are stripped naked. It’s their human kindness, humility, and willingness to help others from a genuine wish to thrive and live good lives with the minimum we humans need.

It’s in the acts, not in words.

Some of my Spiritual Ibiza Elite friends visit the World Economic Forum in Davos. They genuinely seem to believe in the doing good of this organization. Bless them.

Here is where the spiritual elites touch real power and influence, and I believe it's in these places that their Spiritual ideas get sucked up by the actual ruthless cash/war/oil elites. People that have no clue what’s going down in the world. People without hearts.

I know it's a judgement, but common, look at their empty eyes.

And this is how the 19 sustainable UN goals look great from the outside, something everybody wants, but these plans for humanity are there to keep the power distribution ladder in place and make us, simple humans, serfs.

The same goes for Great Reset Narratives. It is sold under a spiritual umbrella with ideas stolen from the Spiritual Elite.

Here are three examples.

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1. You owe nothing but feel happy.

At the core, this is the spiritual idea that possessions and your attachment and clinging to them make you suffer. Materialism, in the end, doesn’t set you free. Being able to be generous from your heart does. Buddhism teaches us that the only thing to be happy is one bowl of food a day, a roof and good company. We really don’t need much as humans to live a fulfilled life. 

The real intention of the W.E.F is under the disguise of this spiritual truth to keep on stealing until the level, yes, that the ordinary human owns nothing, eats crickets from a bowl, only can rent a tiny roof, and clicks heal to receive a humble UBI. Since all the natural and money wealth is extracted, looted, and sucked up to less than 1%. It's the meanest, most dishonest plan ever made by humans on this planet. And it simply wont work. It is not sustainable. Happily soon billions will look right through it.

2. Social Credit

The spiritual variant of social credit is the social credit you receive from giving the excess things you don’t need anyway. This also can be honestly listening to others from your heart, helping the elderly, being there for people in need in any way possible, and opening your house. In essence, it's an important building block for a real community. When shit hits the fan, when your money or food runs out, these people will help you, and give you back some of your build-up social credit.

It’s based on reciprocity, not greed.

In the real W.E.F intention, Social credit means a system of absolute digital control where you’re good behaviour (read compliance) gets rewarded with social credit points on some app. All other behaviour is called a threat to the state, and people will be set up against you because by propaganda and mind control programming that you’re the enemy, the anti-vaxxer, the climate change denier, Putin friend, or whatever outgroup is in fashion.

3. Singularity: We’re all one.

The Great Reset's ambition to create one global governance system or government, one global health organization, one Universal basic income or anything to do with global and connected to a ‘global’ database can be deducted from a highly spiritual idea.

Unity consciousness or singularity.

I draw a comparison with the invention of Blockchain technology. A digital ledger where decision-making runs through all its connected nodes, the network. In this network, all nodes are aware of all decisions being made and store these validations of for example each Bitcoin transaction. The middlemen like banks, can be erased in this system.

In its true spiritual essence, the concept of Universal global or even cosmic consciousness is amazing. I believe it can solve cancer in 10 minutes.

You become all minds and the consciousness of all minds, and at the same time, you’re still the awareness of being just one cell in the collective. Real freedom. Incredibly powerful. We had a taster during the first lockdown.

From this concept, the Bhoeddist idea arises that when one suffers, we all suffer. Enlightenment only can happen for the collective. From this line of thought comes the idea that we’re currently in a revolution of inclusion. Nobody can be left behind.

The W.E.F abuse of this concept is what Fascists in Nazi Germany called Gleich Schaltung. Indeed, the W.E.F wants us to become all one. But more in a communist oligarchy top-down mode. Cultural differences need to be eradicated. Social fabric and family businesses destroyed. We need to become all world citizens.

We must follow one idea, party, ideology, basic income, and truth.

Sadly, what is happening is that this truth, this government, this Centralized Digital Bank Currency, this one world health organization, is set in place top down. It's chosen in backrooms in meetings like Davos.


It’s mandated. It's non-elected.

It doesn’t come from the people for the people. It has nothing to do with democracy, but more with Global Stakeholder Capitalism that leads to the world run by one gigantic tech company with on the forefront one rather Fascistic (cyborg?)leader. In a dystopian vision, its the BORG, a nice name for A.I, controlling all nodes, all citizens, whose minds are connected to the Blockchain, totally controlled. Each divergent thought needs to be eradicated.

It's Orwell’s 1984 on digital steroids.

These ideas are further set into action and being evaluated in Davos this weekend. Many visitors are not aware. They feel significant game changers, leading the poor & blind. They are being used just the same. 

My Spiritual Elite friends are happy to host spiritual workshops and deliver the outcome, the latest trend in saving the world while being highly spiritual, to their sponsors. Their brains and hearts are being sucked out by cold, evil, anti-human sociopaths.

By something not human indeed, as is increasingly showing. Entities on a mission to destroy humanity. Corporate stakeholder capitalism.

Sorry W.E.F., We don’t need a plan only to benefit the F.E.W.

A concept built on a totalitarian world ruling elite to make the rest suffer into infinite digital serfdom while having nothing and being brainwashed into believing it's all for their benefit. What a trick.

If you don’t mind, we will make our plans bottom up. We practice authentic spirituality that arises from the heart.

Not set out for further control but to set humanity free.

We’re well on our way.

Lucien Lecarme

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