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The Dutch Facelift: Efficiency Culture Blends with Technocratic Idealism

The Dutch Facelift: Efficiency Culture Blends with Technocratic Idealism

With a twist of Green Wokism

The Tech Hood in the outskirts of Apeldoorn

In a land far, far away, where everything felt fair, trustworthy and democratic, I studied Anthropology. A long, long time ago.

Then I went to live on a small party island for 12 years, escaped the system, and went on a further spiritual quest: Ibiza.

Now I am back on the flat lands. With a high dose of open honesty and curiosity, I notice I am studying my father's country. Like a true Anthropologist, I observe the change from a healthy distance while participating. 

I do have the agenda 20–30 bullet points in mind and believe Holland is on the forefront, simply because the Covid era surfaced this truth. Describing the outcome of the technocratic totalitarian agenda in Holland offers an example for the rest of the world since this programmable reality will be the same everywhere. (If it manages to capture our hearts since the implementation models seem rather, uhh.., totalitarian)

On that note, when the Dutch will have enough of W.H.O centralized medical tyranny, the ‘Big Tech’ Censorship Industrial Complex, and other totalitarian breaches of freedom, we might witness (again) a bottom-up revolution. 

Holland has a history when it comes to liberating movements. It was one of the first countries to choose a republic after stating that the centralized rule under King Philip II of Spain abused its position. This Act of Abjuration in 1581 became the blueprint for the American Declaration of Independence.

The world witnessed the start of the war on Dutch farmers and their massive protest. According to Bloomberg, The Dutch might be the new global hub for LNG trading with their TTF platform. A financial extraction behemoth that made entities like the Dutch government gain billions on the rise and fall of gas prices.

The TTF (“Title Transfer Facility” — the virtual trading hub for the Netherlands’ natural gas market) paper market has seen an explosion of trading volumes (compound annual growth rates of 23% since 2011) just as local output decreased. TTF has become the leading hub in the European gas market landscape —

President Rutte has been part of the first task groups to introduce a digital biometric passport with his Young Global leadership program friends like Trudeau and Arden. Way before Wuhan. Or whatever. Proof of this is impossible to find anymore on the worldwide big tech censored web. Recently, Rutte resigned from Dutch politics. A soft invisible exit from crimes committed?

Oh, yes, 15-minute cities are discussed on Dutch decentralized news channels.

Apart from these apparent agenda points backed up by worldwide ‘narratives’, my effort is to stay open, to forget all about the restructuring of everything and the consequential loss of freedom, free speech, cultural diversity, and chaos avoidence. I aim to observe with a healthy distance and describe what I observe.

The sensemaking framework could be the 20–30 agenda since then things start to make sense, but it also might be the localize movements happening everywhere simultaneously. The bottom-up, decentralized revolution of inclusion I talked about before. I already discovered a local farm shop that only sells locally farmed-healthy things in a shed that you can open with an app. From that bias, the great reset is nothing but the great awakening.

Let s dive into my observations from the last few weeks, and you choose what fits you.

A technocratic Truman Show tech-hood

Yesterday I picked up a couch with a friend. We drove to the rather un-historic and uninteresting town of Apeldoorn. It’s known because one of the royal dwellings is near, situated in one of the few National parks Holland has. Our King and family used to go hunting there until that wasn’t such a woke thing to do.

We entered the street, following Google Maps. The newly erected neighbourhood was on the edge of an industrial zone with massive warehouses. Many with words like green, eco or clean in their names or slogans.

Then we entered a truman show-esque scene.

All the stand-alone houses had solar, and were simply perfect. Different, but perfect. Most of these semi villa’s had charging points. I find them futuristic, especially when they shine their ‘responsible’ green light, hungry to eco-energy fill the lithium batteries of their owner's posh electric cars.

I can’t stop but wonder if this owner knows that his EV’s battery needs roughly 1000x more cobalt than his iPhone battery. And many children mine this essential and strategic material in the Congo without any safety measures. 

Lucky Dutch children were playing on the edge of a perfect garden on their designated square meter to play on. The couple that sold me the couch were correct. I noticed the very modern (electric?) Porsche aside one of the latest futuristic-looking Volvo’s. The guy ( or wife, or both) obviously had a good job. The interior of the house was expensive and correct. Nothing was off. Different. Chaotic. Alive.

I offered cash for the furniture. I couldn’t help but notice the terror on the face of the guy as if he suddenly was overwhelmed by covid particles playing around on my Euro notes. It was apparent they already banned cash out of their lives. He sent me a bank link, and I paid immediately.

A clean 5-minute transaction. No coffee was offered nor small talk, or sincere interest in each other's lives. Holding hands, meditating and deep-felt hugs—nothing of that.

We drove away from this hood and noticed more state-of-the-art electric cars, buzzing solar panels, and nothing out of place-ness—just sheer controlled perfectionism. The Dutch like this.

In light of self-aware envy, we guessed the job of the guy. It must have been something in I.T, tech, or maybe A.I. Most owners in these tech hoods must love programmable outcomes. Digital certainty. Everything but ordinary chaos. Death.

I had never been in a brave new world tech-hood like this. I felt the same programmable perfection as the Truman Show Street where Jim Carey wakes up every morning, feeling something is off.

Here comes the making sense of it. My knowledge of Dutch culture mixed with what is happening in the world.

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Where the Dutch certainty desire meets technocratic solutions

According to specialist in intercultural studies, Professor Hofstede, the Dutch are the highest uncertainty avoiders in the world. That’s why we thrive in insurances. Even a trip to the beach could be insured just after world war II. When it rained, you got part of your money back. I am not kidding.

From this avoidance of chaos, nature, uncertainty and death arose the Dutch efficiency culture. Because of the size of the country, every square meter is now digitally organized and thus controlled. A natural park is a joke compared to, let’s say, even the Belgian Ardennes. Here you still feel somehow in the wild. You can meet a real wild pig.

In the Dutch national park De Hoge Veluwe, a wolf got shot last week. It made headlines. Yes, we came and shot and conquered real nature. One sad climate change wolf being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My friends living in this area, by the way, claim this dangerous Wolf has already mixed with dogs. But it does kill sheep. And that’s nature, so that needs to be wiped out. For the Dutch to sleep safe again.

The Technocratic comfort revolution is a wolf in sheep's cloths

With the digital revolution, every Dutch square meter of our life can now be controlled, perfected, and programmed. We can and must keep the erratic wolves of nature on a safe distance. Combine this with the inborn nature of the Dutch to do the right thing. This may stem from its Calvinistic roots. We are savers. We don’t live now. We save for later. For this, you need discipline and a strong work ethic. It's bloody raining most of the time, so what can you do anyway? It’s not eating, drinking, and having a siesta as our Mediterranean E.U neighbours tend to do. No, it’s working, innovating, and fighting rising sea levels. Fighting nature.

Here is precisely why a broad layer of Dutch society embraces the technocratic worldview: Statistics, Computer models of reality rather than reality itself—a controllable world. The war against the Dutch farmers is legitimized and based upon a nitrogen exhaust computer model. A freakin prediction. 

What we witnessed in Apeldoorn was the true leftist Utopian dream. The green energy solar panels and electric cars are correct. They fit the trending energy transition. In the wake of the climate change narrative, this is the one and only programmed right thing to do. Although the electric Porsche seems to cover up good old capitalist, ‘ I have a bigger faster penis than you, poor neighbour’ complex. Same consumer frenzy, now covered up in green correct wokeness.

The not having too many children, or maybe even having none, because of overpopulation correctness. The garden is correct. The behaviour is correct, in holding distance. In simply following the latest dominant narratives. In not dealing with ‘criminal’ Covid cash. Gosh, I am sure these people can't wait till the programmable money is here since they have nothing to hide except maybe their deep real fear for life itself.

Dutch New Normal Distance

When you enter a Dutch village, you often see the 1,5-meter new normal propaganda. It says; keep distance, and give each other space. On first hand you think, yeah, why not? Seems healthy. We are with many on a tiny stamp. But we never had this nonsense before. By the way, populations worldwide are decreasing, not increasing. Japan today announced a record amount of deaths. The only reason the Dutch population grew twice as much in 2022 is because of immigration. I hope the Ukrainians still like to hug. 

There is no logical ‘science’ telling us we become more healthy when we keep a digitally tracked distance all of the time in our coming 15-minute cities. On the contrary, people like Zach Bush show us we need interaction on viral and bacterial levels. It’s the planet's prime way of communication, learning, growing, innovating and eventually thriving. Of being human. It has never been different.

Why didn’t they remove the signs? Why not change it to hug your neighbour three times a day to keep the doctor away?

Fear for life never wins over life itself.

It’s this deep-rooted fear of otherness. For chaos, uncertainty and death. For life itself. My best guess is these people in the Truman street in Apeldoorn already turned half cyborg and are waiting for the stasis pods to transport them to Musk Mars colonies. There everything will be even better because all signs of being human will be eradicated.

It's great to be alive in 2023. Happily, the technocrats won’t win since most, if not all, of their actions come from fear. Fear of being a real human. With emotions, for example. Human age-old technology combined with love and wisdom will persevere. 

We only need to declare we no longer coerce or consent to the powers that be and create our decentralized version of a republic or whatever organizational form fits our current and future needs as ‘ The People’.

When enough people realize this, the technocratic dystopian bubble will burst, electric cars prohibited, and the high-tech ‘green’ elite villas will be given to the flood of immigrants that will wave to the stars each night, dreaming of their ‘ father’ country.

Lucien Lecarme

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