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The Benefits of Digital Detox

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The Benefits of Digital Detox

Our weapon in the info warfare

I just moved to an age-old Finca in the green hills somewhere in magic Ibiza.

There is no Wifi.

I am considering leaving it that way. We’re with a small community of four, and the kitchen has its stove. I see us sitting there in winter, heat from wood burning warming our hearts, talking to each other. Exchanging stories, drinking wine, and sipping Chai tea. I’ve done this before, living in a community without Wifi. The perfect digital Detox. 

We were simply enjoying our company. 

There is nothing above and beyond human connection. It's soothing, and nurturing. It makes total sense. 

I started to see some time ago that almost every meeting between human beings that are open and eager to learn from each other, is to find some sort of truth. Truth arising from the moment, the truth of that moment. Or truths of line of thought.

The core of sensemaking. We need each other for that. We need more minds, other opinions, different thoughts, out of the box craziness. Our hearts will guide us to a synthesis, the truth of that present moment. 

I have reduced watching social media for a few days now. I’ve increased my Meditation. I do my Wim Hof daily. I am doing my men's circles, hikes and writing. 

It's almost not worth it anymore to open Twitter. To look at a mainstream news site. I remember seeing an Instagram reel from Russel Brand the other day, with bright colours, flashing, to catch my attention. 

They all have become narratives. 

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A flavour in the vast landscape of information. Fighting for our attention. Russel is the shaker and points at the many examples of your totalitarian doublethink, exposing corruption, just using his brilliant mind. Still, there is the continued amazement, the ‘how can this be?’ mantra.

I am behind that. For now. When I am in that space, It feels like I am still giving my energy to this info war. I am picking sides. 

The art these days is to move and stay in a higher love frequency. 

Beyond duality. Beyond outrage. And certainly miles beyond hate. 

I wish the info war would be over soon. 

Until I realize again that I am in control, I can be on top of the info-warfare that has polluted social media. Disinformation that are the bullet to kill common sense. 


Here are a few tips I’ve practised lately:

  1. Install Brave browser on your phone and laptop and watch YouTube there. No more ads screaming in your face already after 15 seconds. 

  2. Make intentions before you watch anything. Choose consciously and wisely. Remember, the machines are after your attention.

  3. Simply delete Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from your phone and watch only on your laptop.

  4. Leave the phone in the other room.

  5. When you are sucked in in a moment of weakness or being tired, get yourself out of it. It just ain’t worth it. 

  6. Keep on laughing about our huge crave for attention in odd places. Check out this post with a bunch of comic illustrations about our dying attention economy, and this wisdom:

When we realize that what we really need can only be found in small, in-person groups, we can begin to build the world we all actually want where it’s possible to get, and give, the attention we all crave — Medium Post

Create your conditions to be with people that can reside in the heart and look you in the eye with an authentic curiosity. That really listen to what you say and are quit for a few moments after. That don’t rampage immediately into their epic life stories, neglecting your human need to be heard and seen.

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