Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
A Journey to the Root of Evil

A Journey to the Root of Evil

How have certain humans become so intrinsically bad?

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.” — George Carlin

The stream of world events since march 2020 exposes humanity's darkest face.

It's worse than the creepiest horror movie.

In my process of SenseMaking, I can’t wrap my thoughts around one central issue;

How have certain humans become so intrinsically bad?

Are they even human? Are they hiding behind a bigger apparatus? the system? a cult? In a blatant self-righteousness that only can exist when you demonetize the other. When you create an enemy. When you feel all the power in the world is on your side.

Does this all come from the story of separation? The story of other?

The original sin.

The other is not me. So it must be the enemy.

As a result of pushing ‘othernesss’ to the extreme, monsters have been creeping out of dark holes during Covid, raging a holy war against what is simply human:

  • Heart Felt Connection

  • Empathy and Compassion

  • Caring & Sharing

  • Love

  • Our healthy connection with nature

  • A conscious and grounded embodiment

In this piece, I make an honest attempt to make sense of the nature of ‘The evil of otherness

This sensemaking comes from an honest curiosity and fascination for human social processes. For humans in general. I feel compassion for us humans and our struggle with what we project out there in the world.

Ultimately I guess it’s a war raging in our hearts.

Sure, I would love to see us thrive in connection. There is much suffering around coming from fear. Living in this contracted collective state is no fun. We can do better. A voice deep inside my head tells me history shows me it has never been any different.

Let’s assume our collective consciousness spirals up in a fractal and our fall backs are shorter and shorter. While inquisition lasted 300 years, the hunt for the un-vaccinated seems to be tilting any moment now. We should care more to avoid a similar hunt for the Fauci’s of this world.

This piece is an earnest epistemological inquiry into the nature of evil. What forces drive the current dark agenda? Is there a dark agenda?

I believe it’s fair to say there is. Its all pointed towards global control and domination, and its more about power then anything else. It aims at casting vast parts of humanity into serfdom, constantly digitally monitored

A corporate driven totalitarian technoctartic dystopia driven by mind control. In it’s essence its a war against anything that’s truly good and human. Ordinary humans need to suffer, when they survived the eugenic Covid Jab-wave.

This short clip of the Xfiles, made way before 2020, sums it up rather eloquently.

Now how the fuck beat that?

The dark agenda on a Psycho-Spiritual level

Let’s discern the main bullet points of the so-called dark agenda. They’re played out on a broad scale, from health to economy, to politics, to narratives, to climate and almost all aspects of our lives.

This is precisely why these times are so disruptive for all of us.

Here is my interpretation of the Dark Agenda for humanity. With this, I mean an overall agenda, plan, or roadmap that is ethically questionable, that feels anti-human, that benefits only a few, that is about power, that is highly corrupted and not driven by the wish of the majority of people on this planet.

And it’s not from love, inclusion, care or other virtues.

It feels pure evil at this stage of its manifestation.

I refrain from calling it the Great Reset. Since it doesn’t feel so great in the first place, and the term is too mechanical. We are not machines or robots that you can reboot. I don't want to mention the agenda of the Great Reset here. You can find it in many of my other blogs.

I like to go one level deeper, and look at the dark agenda. What’s behind all of it? More on a Psycho-Spiritual level.

Covid lifted the Veil of the most prominent dark trick

During and because of Covid, the veil of the dark agenda was lifted for us to see what we’re dealing with.

It is fucking terrifying.

It's so pitch black that millions turned away: They ran in the arms of father state, mesmerized by the “For your health and protection” mantra. They are kept prisoners in their cognitive dissonance—everything but to look at a possible truth that things are not like they appear.

On a certain level, we can’t blame this group of people for doing it. It's very human to find safety first and go for the security of a job, money, status etc. And let’s not forget father state became an intimidating mafia boss coercing people into obeying, or else…

This darkness beyond belief is precisely, and maybe, the enormous force of the dark agenda.

The lie is so big, the crime so huge, that people can’t wrap their honest heads and intrinsically goodness around it.

I will come back later to this and explain how the forces behind this dark agenda mis-use this fundamental fact of how most humans are.

I find myself ping-ponging between being in a feel-good state, in peace with the world, and not even wanting to know about the real bad stuff. And then I must, I need to make sense. This can ruin my day and make me feel bad in the stomach. To read about more Jab-deaths and that the death train is not about to stop. In fact, It’s inviting innocent Children at each station to step in for the jab. Children that have 0,0000001 chance of dying of something that never had been isolated. 

Writing this piece is going into the bad stuff while staying in the light, not remaining in fear. I’m not particularly eager to keep you in fear, either. I shed light on it. What else can we do? I think it's super important and something we should keep on doing.

The Dark Agenda Bullet points

So here we go. Here are some more points of the dark agenda

  • Energy is being sucked out of humans. First from being debt slaves. Something that prevents many from following their higher calling. The dark forces mastered the art of extraction, of what we, workers, make, our life energy, while they contribute nothing to society. They push the harm they cause back on our shoulders.

  • Humans are kept in constant confusion through information warfare. After we give up our critical thinking, we’re open to being fed what we should think. By owning our perception, the dark agenda can steer our behaviour. They can even make us do things we know deep inside are wrong and against our ethical principles. This is the core definition of power. We’ve seen it happening all around us, and still, it's happening.

  • Humans are deliberately kept in lower frequency ranges. The masses are pushed into that range with the constant fear-mongering apparatus, which is Mainstream Media. Also, Movies play a role where violence, death, and fear are glorified and appear in 90% of the titles. This creates a worldview that other humans can't be trusted and that the world is wrong. A hostile place. 

  • Humans are kept in low frequency with low-frequency food, and God beware, weather manipulation? 5G ??

  • Humans are kept sick in our current health paradigm. Our world is full of wars, basically against ourselves. A war against a virus is a war against ourselves and our nature. Auto-immune diseases that kill many are a direct result and mirror this war against us. A war we’ll never win.

  • We are kept separated from nature and our source. Here lies all the healing we need, but it's forbidden to go there, shielded by more fear stories, while we are distracted with pills and vaccines. The injected belief behind this is that we can’t be healthy on our own, which is another big lie.

  • Humans are divided through Big Tech and Social Media, and from that low bandwidth, they are manipulated into fighting each other.

  • Humans need to become further enslaved by technology. They need to become partly technology.

  • The plan is about total destruction, not creation. Destruction of our dignity, our humaneness, and our interconnectedness. The result of a technocrat world view.

In the dark agenda, there is simply no space for love, collective creation or a pro-human vision: embracing magic, beauty and a sense of humble belonging on this planet—embracing this life as a gift and learning how to give back.

Like at the beginning of the Green Beautiful movie, where people on a distant planet thrive with healthy food and play around in unity. The movie got censored.

There is not much we need to be happy, and the dark agenda has made us so far from home that many can’t even remember what it feels like to be home, in connection, in love with life and each other in a simple but happy existence.

This war is fought over our perception of reality. It is a spiritual spy-op, set out to enslave us.


Who the fuck is doing this to us?

The core question is, who created the dark agenda?

Three years into the new normal, seeing so many podcasts and hearing so many voices, explanations, opinions, and mainstream lies, I return to what I felt all along, from the beginning.

In our centralized history, mankind seemed to be about who dominates and who is dominated. Who leads, and who is led? Who is the master, and who is a slave?

They are all roles, and we play different roles in certain parts of our lives. David Icke calls them labels. We identify with them, there is a particular lesson in them, and when we don’t need the part anymore, we move on in our development.

At the core, we are infinite beings having a brief human experience. We can feel unity consciousness, which is born out of love. It's a magical force that, I believe, can heal anything.

Then the Ring of Power descended on humanity.

Some people found out that being bad gives them more power over ‘good’ people. Add to this the simple fact that power always goes for absolute power. These souls got obsessed with power. At the same time, they’re playing their role. 

I believe there is an essential seed for current power structures. Nine out of ten people are intrinsically good people. They can be emphatic and feel a sense of compassion for others.

What if you don’t have that, and you discover that you get people to run for you by being evil, giving commands, and being insensitive? You get people to follow your plan.

Now scale this up to a spiritual realm where these people connect their powers to Gods, or more correctly, to entities they refer to as Satan or devilish. This happened in Egyptian times, with the Mayans, Sumerian times, and Phoenicians. On their Diety Baal, Christianity has built the concept of Satan.

Essentially to scare the shit out of ordinary good-faith folks.

Lets say it's something humans have done all along in history. Some people discovered that worshipping what good people deem evil entities gave them the power to rule, enslave, master, abuse and kill. From this emerged a power distribution ladder that rewards the sociopaths of this world. It’s the story that CEOs must be insensitive bastards to poison rivers, give rebels money to shoot protesters of pipelines ( SHELL), fight their way to the lonely top and be happy about it all. Since they got power, they took revenge on other people to avenge their insurmountable pain.

Is it a cult?


Do they have sacrifice rituals?


The cult needs to be outside of the law—they made themselves

There is so much to say about this cult on so many levels.

An article in Global Research sums it up rather nicely

A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them…they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen — one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realizing it until it was too late. These self-imposed “rulers” …are laughing at humanity as people move about their lives unaware of this elaborate scheme — GlobalResearch

Lets go back for a minute to real nightmare facts. The Real structure that’s behind today’s dark agenda

  • 76 International organizations and banks enjoy immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions

  • GAVI, Big Pharma, and CERN enjoy similar immunities

  • The Bank for International Settlements has sovereign immunity, and some of these immunities extend to its members, being 63 central banks and the Federal Reserve System

  • Trillions of taxpayer dollars and printed money have moved through these organizations and banks with no transparency or accountability as they continue to build a global enslavement system

Let this sink in for a moment. And discern what dark cult-ish aspects they express.

Members of the cult have granted themselves legal immunity. They can do whatever the fuck they want. They’re not only above the law. They’re outside the law altogether. Imagine the feeling that must give. In the same Global Research article, it is described as follows:

Just imagine walking through life knowing that you are untouchable, and consider the euphoria these power-hungry individuals steep in. Seduced by darkness and void of conscience, they continue to roll forward with their agendas as everyone sits by praying for a miracle — GlobalResearch

When I read this complete article, I was left sinking in a feeling of being powerless in the face of such deep deceit of the human race. Or our collective. The intrinsic evil of these people and their nefarious plan to, indeed, enslave us all.

Happily, people are waking the fuck up to this and taking action. I come back to the how at the end of this piece. It’s the general mechanism I do discern. The Great Reset is the Great Awakening in disguise.

The article mentions that…

The John Birch Society recently published a couple of brilliant ideas as one way to combat this tyranny. They explain that state governments have an obligation to make all unconstitutional federal actions unenforceable, or null and void, and lay out two ways of accomplishing this. ( Global Research)

Of course, much more work must be done to dismantle the evil intentions, underground structures, and harmful spells cast in the money system, and in clever ways, people's perception is captured.

But there is a trap many good faith fighters of justice don’t seem to notice.

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You can’t win in their stadium.

Lets come back to the psycho-spiritual aspect. This article intends to understand why this can happen and why people can get this bad. Not only evil, whole anti-human, total genocide, extremely criminal dark beyond what we, normal humans with a conscience, can comprehend.

Again, here in lies the biggest trick. The sole fact is that billions of humans can't believe the severity of the scam, the debt of the lie, and the mind-blowing amount of criminal fallacies on all levels are exploited.

Legal immunity helps. Think of it.

I remember watching John Kennedy Junior speak about Big Pharma during the first lockdown in Europe. He mentioned big pharma made around 5 billion with their N1H1 Vaccine, which was withdrawn from the market relatively quickly, and they reserved 500 million for class action lawsuits of damaged human beings. For them, dead and life-long harmed humans due to their “products” are just collateral damage. The exact numbers can be different, but you get the picture. Around 10% of profit is reserved for human collateral damage. 

By the way, Pfizer already has a criminal record and the most significant corporate fine in the history of the U.S, given in 2009. They were on parole when the Covid narrative was initiated.

To let Pfizer make another ‘vaccine’ was like asking a convicted pedophile to come to babysit your children.

This time it is different. It has an end-game character. Win or die.

The exact mechanism is used, and the same immunity is abused. As it seems, people are deliberately killed with gene experiments called vaccines. This is no different than SS’er Joseph Goebbels experimenting in Auschwitz in the name of science, but now on a global level.

This is beyond dark. It's hell. Welcome to where they feel at home.

Here comes the painful thing again. Good faith people like Steve Kirsch, Micheal Godorgovski and others are piling up evidence that this bunch of criminals should be taken to court. They, very understandable, appeal to the humanity of the court system of our society.

But sadly, it has long gone.

They try to fight the system with its tools. The justice system. It's what David Icke calls: You still play in their stadium. You’ll never win. It has been corrupted beyond what the average man can believe.

Lawyers, doctors, and senate members are bribed, coerced, and threatened. They’re part of the cult. They will vote against the logical evidence, the rightful decision, because it will give them a promotion in the pyramid. And safety.

Politicians, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big money and other cartels are playing their endgame. They’ve shapeshifted into their natural form, a mafia pyramid-structured cult.

It's all part of the fucking plan.

Probably it never had been different. It was just more obscured.

They use their infinite, invisible financial resources to keep bribing, coercing, and pushing narratives. Like a real badass mafia gang, they laugh about the ‘weakness’ of good-faith people that appeal to the humane part of the system. They pray to their good Gods to intervene in the name of democracy or morality—something the bad guys long killed behind our backs.

They believe their evil God is stronger since they’ve been in power for so long. So they must be right. Societal success is measured in power, status and influence. They feel invincible.

They have reserved not 500 million but, let’s say, 5 billion for the coming lawsuits. They don't give a shit when 100 million people die of the jabs and 1 billion get crippled.

It’s part of the fucking plan. It simply cannot be otherwise. This is not a mistake. Oopsie.

It's the eugenic endgame of a bunch of sick sociopath technocrats that believe they’re saving the earth. Their grandfathers and fathers told them in bedtime stories that they would become humanity's saviours by killing humanity. They’re just doing the right thing instead of one flaw. They don't like to give up their power.

It’s all or nothing now. Total enslavement of us, the people, or them dying in their bunkers. Like Hitler.

Again, it’s a bunch of invisible Satanists that love to see humanity suffer, die and pray to their good God to save them.

In essence, that’s what we’re dealing with.

Are we really?

Or is all of this an internal struggle that needs transformation? A battle against shadows that can only be won by embracing them? By becoming more one?

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Integrity is all and oneness is the infinite truth

One solution is being integer with your conscience, your ethical voice. Stay and be in your light. And your truth. Keep on speaking it. Don’t play in their stadium. Get more creative. Our most considerable power is our collective. Stop acquiescing.

On a deeper level, there might be a deeper solution. A solution humanity is trying to find it’s way home to.

Stop believing in evil and good.

They don’t have a stadium, we all play in one. It’s called humanity.

I catch myself writing about they and us in the last part of this piece. I’ve made ‘them’ evil. The corporate satanists, the Big Pharma sociopaths, the bankster devils. With this mechanisms of separating myself from evil forces, did I not just create it?

Did I nothing less but create them?

And is there not some kind of deep fear behind that mechanism?

I come back to the question asked in the beginning of this piece.

Does this all come from the story of separation?, the story of other? When you make the other the enemy, you start fighting yourself, since the highest truth is that there is no other.

Unity consciousness beats this by including all there is.

Make unity your belief.

Embrace other.

Make nothing wrong or bad or evil.

Somehow I feel herein lies the seed of the revolution of inclusion, since its truly a revolution of embracing a part deep in us that we made wrong.

Lucien Lecarme

Read more on how not only to survive the great reset but thrive while enjoying humanities rebirth

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(This piece is partly inspired by a new series from Charles Eisenstein exploring the political, social and cultural roots of evil and otherness, inspired by Orwell’s 1984)

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