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Why Did the Netherlands Cancel Anti-Russian Sanctions?

Why Did the Netherlands Cancel Anti-Russian Sanctions?

Is the Dutch Government choosing the side of the people again?
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Holland has deep historical and economic ties with Russia.

The Netherlands inspired Peter the Great to open a window to Europe while he was trained as a shipwright in Amsterdam. In 1816, the Dutch Crown Prince of Orange married Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna, sister of Alexander I.

The flat country is also run like a company.

Holland, that once had a Russian Queen, is now caught in a U.S dictated Geo-Political war against the big bear. The sanctions are starting to backfire immensely, wrecking the pillars of the European economy.

This must not have gone unnoticed in The Hague.

Did Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and other CEOs calculate that the anti-Russia sanctions harm Dutch profits? Or is the anti-Putin media propaganda starting to wear off?

People ultimately choose their interests instead of mass outrage over a political war between countries they’ve never visited. They like heating in winter instead of giving an ex-actor in a jungle suit another $100 billion.

Money that is poorly monitored and spent on arms that kill real people, not politicians. Nobody seems to want war except the U.S.

What is happening in Holland?

The country seems to be the Great Reset’s spearhead. It terrorizes its farmers and makes millions on Natural Gas futures. Then it suddenly requested the EU to end a set of sanction wavers against its old friend.

Are cracks starting to appear in the GR plan to wreck the global economy to install dystopian totalitarian tech feudalism?

Holland & Rutte — Spearhead of the Great Reset

Before diving into the latest news that Holland requested a waiver of Anti-Russia sanctions to be lifted, here are some facts that show that Holland is first seated in the class of Schwab & Co when it comes to the Great Reset (GR)

  • The Dutch Government already prepared a trading hub (TTF) in 2018, and makes billions on each gas price pump at the backdoor while blaming and expropriating their farmers at the public front door of perception. They also might be making a profit on prices tanking.

  • Prime Minister Rutte has been part of Klaus Schwab’s young global leadership program. He and Trudeau have been named ‘The golden pin-up boys’ for the W.E.F. Rutte congratulated Schwab on his Great Reset book. Rutte denied this fact in parliament, claiming that he didn’t read the book. A leaked letter to Schwab proved the opposite. In there, Rutte calls the GR: “a hopeful analysis for a better future

  • Together with Trudeau, Rutte signed an agreement to develop digital monitoring travel technology 2018. Was this the blueprint for the Vaccine Passport? The bio-metric digital app of control

  • In 2021, Mark Rutte sacked deputy economic affairs minister Mona Keijzer in response to her publicly questioning the Corona pass, a discriminatory anti-lawful measure aimed to massage the masses into accepting a similar unlawful V-passport.

And the list goes on.

Important to mention is also the war from the Dutch Government against the Dutch farmers that attracted global attention. It’s fought over a nitrogen crisis that is, in fact, much disputed by scientists.

The Dutch are the second agricultural exporter in the world. Diminishing Dutch farmers' land by half will have enormous consequences for the Dutch economy. Some claim this is also part of the agenda to push genetically modified crops (GMOs): Biotech is similarly part of the GR agenda of food control and will enrich patent owners, giant land owners like Bill Gates and food cartels while impoverishing vast people worldwide.

All in the name of absolute control.

Is the Nitrogen crisis another false narrative to push through the nefarious GR? Many signs point in that direction, with the Netherlands spearheading the W.E.F wet dream and Rutte a golden poster boy of its shady policies.

The anti-Russia sanctions are throwing Europe into an unprecedented economic crisis.

Considering the above, the sanctioning of energy from Russia seem to result from the GR agenda since it follows the pattern of wrecking economies. This time the European economy, starting with Germany.

Or is America fighting its last fight before its demise as world power? It seems to do everything to force its European allies to be energy-dependent from the U.S.A, not Russia. It’s related, but that’s another bedtime story.

What seems to happen in Europe now is a wave of reality hitting the hypnotized citizens.

Deep fake culture is shaking on its pillars, the false narratives.

Some examples of the climate change narrative weakening:

Why is the Netherlands backing off from anti-Russia sanctions?

In asking to lift anti-Russian sanctions the Netherlands are doing the impossible. They’re challenging the Big Eagle.

What’s going on?

First, the wavers for which the Dutch asked for an exemption are connected to civil and humanitarian interests.

…The waivers help 150 companies and organizations, including municipalities, schools, and water boards. The Ministry …issued 18 waivers to 13 organizations on “humanitarian grounds” for cooperation between the EU and Russia on “purely civilian matters.” — NL Times

This is my theory: 
Politicians must balance keeping their population in check, so they won’t rise and, for example, burn the parliament instead of only their energy bills. This happened before in Germany, with the famous Reichstag fire in 1933, lit by Dutch Marinus van der Lubbe.

When the GR plan is real, this is probably its biggest challenge:

How can you wreck nations economies, while preventing the people to rise against the Governments obviously implementing the wreckage?

For this, you need 24/7 propaganda Narratives spitted out by complicit Mainstream Media.

The problem the W.E.F cult faces is that their narratives are wearing off fast. The GR is waking people up by the millions.

An alternative theory

Since Holland is a company, maybe it's choosing eggs for its money. That’s an old Dutch expression. Is it choosing its national interests since there is more money there in the long term?

Because the U.S is falling.

Just watch a few clips from its leader. Yep, that’s the leader of the ‘free world’. Is it the sign of the 2000-year patriarchal structure experiencing its senile and rather alzheimerish end?

It’s dictating its allies, not asking. It’s sending $100 billion to a guy 6000 miles away while half a million US citizens don’t have shelter.

Sad, but true. All empires rise and fall.

Is Rutte finally choosing for its people? Or is it just to win back goodwill lost with the Covid Ab-Normal measures? Angry farmers throwing cow shit on highways is one, but the majority of the population freezing their asses off is another thing. We’re just not used to that in Holland. The last time we ate tulip bolls was in the 1944 hunger winter, just before the end of WOII.

The majority probably doesn't want to do the same this winter.

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The stretch is out of the market — Is the speculation trick done?

The Dutch government probably made billions by speculating on Natural gas prices on its own created TTF. The Natural gas price started to plummet in September.

Despite dwindling Russian gas pipeline supplies, Dutch front-month gas , the European benchmark, has fallen 67% since hitting an all-time high in August to around 100 euros per megawatt hour and is at the lowest level since mid-June — Reuters

The stretch is out of the market. That’s another Dutch expression.

Maybe the energy speculation trick has come to an end.

As a result, the crowd is demanding subsidies for their bills that have gone up 5 to even 8-times in the Netherlands.

Guess what?

The Government said yes. For November and December, low-income citizens can get €380 back.


In these times of information war, it's nearly impossible to find truths in mainstream media propaganda. All other stuff is censored.

By just adding up some seemingly ‘facts’ connected to my gist, I conclude that the Dutch Government, a fervent GR fan, is loosening up when it comes to the tight totalitarian anti-people policies it tried to implement in the name of the same anti-human GR

The reasons are;

  • The people are waking up to the GR agenda

  • The people choose their interests first, especially in winter

  • The narratives are wearing off since most seem to be based on lies.

  • The right-in-your-face reality is shaking deep Fake

  • The Government chooses its interest, and this means not blindly following the U.S hegemony that might be experiencing its rise before the fall

  • People are tired of the endless wars the U.S has fought ‘In the name of freedom’. They see right through it. And they don’t want to see Nukes flying over their heads, either.

It's very symbolic that the Russian Queen of Holland was deeply involved in charity work during the Crimean War of 1853–1856. She organized medical supplies for Russian soldiers on the front line.

Almost 170 years later, a war rages in the same region, and the Netherlands finds itself on the other side. Still, Holland is trying to cancel sanctions that hurt Dutch and Russian humanitarian and civil interests.

Stay warm. Stay Undivided.

Lucien Lecarme

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