Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
The Secret

The Secret

A New Earth Poem to Empower our Homecoming

There is a secret to overcome the old
How to break the spell
A code to crack the vault
A slick trick to ring heaven’s bell

It was there all along your path
A diamond hidden under your feet
That star that whispered your name
When you gave in to humanities defeat

The secret is not to wait
Not to despair in the dungeon of your doubt
Not to pray to any God, fooled by faith
Not to get lost when your guiding light is behind a cloud

The secret is to fully realize
That we have no time for change
No time to fight the lies
Or wait for a hero to cut our chains

You are the people you want to see rise
The missing link of the mystery
The knife that cuts the toxic ties
Humanities hope when all hope dies

Leave the shadow and journey with your light
Leave the shallow and rise in joy
Guide humanity by guiding your lost parts home

Remind your heart that behind ego
Is where the script of your life
Becomes love’s masterplan
For us to thrive

Lucien Lecarme

Any paid subscription is directly supporting my work since I have simply more time to meander in the streams of new earth flow and bring it home here

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Make Sense Not War
Make Sense Not War
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