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The Icke One Man Show Against the Cult Continues

The Icke One Man Show Against the Cult Continues

When will they learn that censoring anything makes the message only stronger

David Icke, Photo Sydney Morning Herald

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” — Evelyn Beatrice Hall, friend of Voltaire

I don’t care if David Icke’s reptilian theory turns out to be BS.

I do care when one man gets denied access to a stage to speak. In 26 countries. For two years.

For speaking his truth.

In these days, you can sell people they need to start eating bugs, but apparently not that bugs maybe rule the world.

It’s the latest climax in a trail of breeches in freedom of speech that maneuvers ahead everywhere David Icke wants to address his ever-growing audience.

Because Holland is again the epicentre of totalitarian rule, and I’m from Holland, I needed to look deeper into this latest episode of Icke- Versus the Cult.

And stand up for the free word.

Why ? Because I’m a writer with critical thoughts. I am ready to defend anybody's thoughts and their right and freedom to express them.

By the way, this story has been first published on the Medium platform, and how ironically, it has been Under Investigation there for Breaching Terms and Regulations, meaning: Sencored. What a world we live in.

Icke versus the Cult

The news of Icke’s ban by the Netherlands touched me. For the first time I remember, a speaker was refused to speak at a peace demonstration in Holland.

‘Is this my country?’ I wondered, wanting to know more before judging. Sensemaking is my passion.

Has the Netherlands become a Fascist country by refusing Icke to speak?

Does it have an underground secret service apparatus denying people whose opinion is undesirable access to one of our most important fundamental rights, and also the country? And Europe?

Dutch Covid Critique and Jew Mordechai Krispijn asked David Icke’s opinion. Part of Krispijn’s family was killed in Auschwitz.

First question he asked: Has the Media approached you?: No
Second Question: Is David Icke is a holocaust denier?: No


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The anti-semitic outrage trick

It turns out that a trick was repeated that had already been performed in Australia regarding Icke’s planned tour in that country in 2019.

A Jewish ‘Man and a Dog’ organization claim Icke is anti-Semitic without any real foundation. Next, the Media jumps on it like a pitbull, without any adversity, and Icke is demonized and ridiculed by twisting his reptilian theory.

In the perception of the masses, the Holocaust is one of the worst events in history, and it probably is. I think the Inquisition was not pleasant either.

By throwing the word Holocaust into the public arena it’s easy to initiate low-frequency outrage by naming David Icke a Holocaust-denier. This trick also worked with Covid-Denier. The emotional charge of the holocaust is then, again without foundation, linked to someone who holds non-mainstream opinions. The damage is done beyond repair.

It’s sufficient to see who is doing actually the real damage here. It’s not David Icke.

Words never directly killed people.

The perception management trick

Control the perception of the masses, and you control the behaviour.

You can turn it into a weapon to turn people against each other. The guns are bold headlines in newspapers. Most of them are outright lies. The Media cartel should be prosecuted for libel and slander. Sadly, most of the high-position judges seem to be inside the cult too.

Now comes the pathetic.

The Jewish organization that unleashed this was born out of the horrors of Nazi Germany. It is now responsible for the Netherlands going the same Fascist route as the long-life enemy the organization tries to defeat.

They don’t see this. Pretty unbelievable when you look at this from a non-biased distance.

Icke versus the Cult — What can we, freedom lovers, learn?

Why is a whole system terrified for one man? — David Icke

If you stand in your light and truth, you can take everything, right?

The opposite is happening at the moment. The lie seems to be ruling, fueled by what I call the self-righteousness of the blind masses.

No other than dictated opinion is tolerated. Nice and easy. You no longer have to think, debate, and question your truth. Our open healthy society that has been ruined some time ago by the new Trias Corruptas: Crooked Governments, perversed Big Tech and complicit Media.

Icke’s refusal is the tombstone of free speech in the Netherlands and the E.U.

The victory of fear and ignorance.

The good news; It only makes Icke’s ideas stronger.

It’s like forbidding a child to go inside a room. Now it can’t think of anything else and will find a way.

Is the Netherlands an enemy of free word and speech?

Holland used to be king of the written word.

In the Dutch golden era, Dutch printers and publishers produced ten times as many books as their colleagues in France, Italy and Spain. Even Germany was behind with a factor five. Amsterdam became the bookshop of the world — Source

The first Yiddish newspaper in the world was printed in Amsterdam too. The city below sea level always has been a centre of Jewish life and culture, just like Antwerp and the vast diamond industry there.

It’s natural Dutch Jewish organizations love to protect their values and are on a constant hunt for anti-semitism. Who else but them should be the big watchdogs in the world preventing atrocities against groups of demonetized people from happening again?

This time around, in the New Normal, I feel they’ve fallen into a vicious trap by firing up, maybe unconsciously, the dangerous group-think and outrage that already has thorn our societies apart. We all know, and history has shown us, where that can lead to.

They know best.

As it seems, the Netherlands, a country once vowed never to fall for Tyrants again, has itself become one. Has the Dutch elite succumbed to a bunch of invisible tyrants wrecking the world for their Reset?

Tyranny can’t be fully exposed. It needs the simulation of democracy and nonsense words like ‘free press.’ Then, little by little, other freedoms will be curtailed, as the frog in the famous warm water.

As it seems, it is working out counterproductive. It’s waking up hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands and millions world wide.

What you can do when you love the freedoms you still got

What the freedom-loving person can do is continue to speak out against this.

In light and love. Risk the danger to be censored.

Keep this darkness up to the light.

The Dutch poet van Randwijk wrote: A nation that succumbs to tyrants will lose more than body and goods, then the light extinguishes.

Part of the poem from van Randwijk written on a monumental wall in Amsterdam

The light hasn’t gone out yet.

Take responsibility.

Stand up against this dictatorship fueled by lies. There’s more at stake than your job, LinkedIn reputation or circle of friends.

Lucien Lecarme

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