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Make Sense, Not War, Through open Communication

The real war isn't about Russia and Ukraine--They're after your mind

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The real war happens every day on Twitter. Tik-Tok and YouTube etc. It’s a war between us.

It’s the result of an attack on your sane brain. 

Don’t get fooled into being socially pressured to chose a side in the real-boots-on-the-ground-war in Ukraine. That’s senile old men doing their moneypower grab while we, good faith civilians, pay the price.

Sadly innocent people are dying while I write this. Millions of Russians that do’nt want this bloodshed suffer from irrational sanctions. 

The Cold War ended years ago, however the free Western World — Bad Putin Russia dichotomy has been resurrected since, well, it worked great in the past. 

‘HATE-PUNISH-BLAME-SHAME’ barks MSM in their non-stop propaganda.

The last 2 years, hundreds of millions have woken up to the fact that we’re not a free West world anymore. We’re steaming up and made ready for a social credit system as obeying slaves in an authoritarian constant warzone with ever changing enemies.  

It’s time to cross the biggest hurdle between peace and what the technocrats planned out for uswithout ever asking us whether we share this world view.

This hurdle is to unify. 

For this we need to return back to open respectful communication. It’s the only shot we got to become one unified peoples again. We need Team Human more than ever.

Here’s how to practice your open communication muscle. It can save the world.  

Why the ongoing polarization is far more dangerous than real war

Before we dive in, lets check out what’s at stake. 

According to thought leader Daniel Smachtenberger, who studied exponential risk scenarios all of his life, exponential tech like social media-driven limbic hijack and polarization eventually leads to physical violence and the breaking apart of our civilization.

It can even mean the end of the world as we knew it. 

History tells us that the endgames of society-wide communication breakdowns are catastrophic. When open communication cannot be used to resolve conflict and coordinate behavior, societies are driven towards chaos, war, oppression, and authoritarianism — Daniel Schmachtenberger

It is crucial to understand why this cancel culture and ingroup — outgroup hate and ongoing demonization is in fact a threat for our world.

Because it is now global. 

It’s not the Mexicans against the Americans. Not the Ukrainian against the Russians. Not the Chinese against the Tibetan. Its the world against the world. 

Its literally us against us.

Divide and conquer and finance both sides. That’s what it is. On a World scale. 

Exercises in good faith communication

To stop the further breakdown of your society, we need to start working out in the gym of good faith communication. The aim is to raise mutual understanding and coordinated action. This means that you stay open, connected, and exercise your listening muscle. 

Here are some elements you’ll find in that gym of communication and what you can practice yourself

  • Express humility and curiosity

  • Welcome disagreement, stimulate group learning 

  • Maintain respect during a disagreement

  • Attempt to find shared base realities and values

  • Steel-man the position of others. This means you make those arguments stronger with more facts

These exercises come from Daniel Schachtenberger’s latest article; The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication. There you find a lot more. His consilience project aims to catalyze a cultural movement toward better sense-making and dialogue — the essential foundations of a functional democratic society.

The goal is to restore the health of our information commons by helping educate people on how to improve their information processing so they can better detect media bias and disinformation while becoming more capable sense-makers and citizens. The benefit to society is to decrease polarization and tribalism, decrease outraged certainty on all sides, and increase the quality of public sense-making and good faith civil discourse towards a civilization that can actually coordinate effectively and solve problems —Consilience project executive summery


The Cure

The start of the cure of this world war of polarization that is growing by the day starts on the ground. In small groups. You can form them yourself. I am doing so here in Ibiza, and call them Sensemaking gyms. 

Stop wasting time trusting our leaders, they’ve gone past moral Checkpoint Charlie. A point of no return. Also, don’t give them your power anymore by being disobedient. That’s the people’s atomic bomb to end all conflicts.

Here are some more bullet points of actions we all can attend to to make this world an inclusive place again with room for different views and opinions. It all starts with open communication and good sensemaking.  

From sensemaking comes good decision making and that’s needed to clear up this mess.

When enough people start doing this, we have a shot. 

Probably millions are doing so already, but we dont know this since most dissident voice are muted in today’s surveillance internet.

The benefits of open communication

The rightful awakening of humanity cant be stopped regardless this divide and conquer strategy reaching its climax. To keep us in shock, chaos and terror. Relentless.

When you visit the gym of open communication enough, according to Schmachtenberger, the benefit for you is;

Resilience to media manipulation, increased capacity to understand the world, including the views of other people, access to a community of earnest and capable thinkers seeking to make sense of critical topics together. All of these serve to increase personal agency and the capacity to participate in improving the world meaningfully — Consilience project executive summery

I have a strong feeling this war will be the last one, to end them all, marking the end of 2000 year of patriarchal lore. Because our awakening can’t be stopped either.

Our freedom will grow organically, when we learn to set conditions for emergence to occur so collective intelligence gives us direction. Just like in nature.

The above is a roadmap for these conditions. Practice at heart and let me know your findings. 

Lucien Lecarme


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