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Let's Switch off Fascism and Feel Some Christmas Unity

Guidelines for co-creating society 4.0 when the fear has worn out

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By A. C. Michael - The Guardian [2] / [3]Originally published in The Illustrated London News, January 9, 1915., PD-US,

Happy Christmas dear friends and fellow humans.

This period is weird. It does feel like fascism has been dialled down for a few days.

It reminds me of the famous World War One truce. German, British and French soldiers were done fighting and decided to play soccer together, exchange headgear and celebrate their unity in the trenches. (photo)

Just before shooting their brains out the following days into the new year of 1915

This piece has 2 sections. The first is a summary of the last week's rise of Global Corporation Fascism in the world, especially Europe, making sense of it all.

The second part is more positive.

I’ve been reading Prof Bob de Wit’s society 4.0, a blueprint how to create a new local ground-up small scale living together. I am actually part of a grounding group here in Ibiza, and we’ve started to build up, leaving the old behind. I co-lead the token economics group.

In the course of 2022, I’ll keep you posted on our building. To hopefully inspire you to start the same, or join similar groups as an answer to the global elite’s power grab AKA The Great Reset. In fact, it’s not an answer. The trick is to not be against, but create the new from higher values, ethical consciousness and a moral roadmap. We’re stand-alone humans that gather from unity, love, respect and this more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

When you don’t want your Christmas truce in your family to be ruined, skip to the last part and be inspired.

from Off Guardian memes

Fear is a trigger, and any trigger is an opportunity for growth

Before I dive into some examples of late 2021 global corporate-driven fascism, I love to share a thought.

All the measures put in place by mean Governments can be seen as personal triggers for people. Since all of the policies come from one source; fear.

It’s about how people react to the trigger that will create theirs, and partly ours, reality. As long as people believe in their own fear, they will simply follow suit. Once they see it all some kind of illusion, a bad B-movie, the empire of masks, vaccines, distancing, boosters fall down.

Also, the addiction will end. Since following suit has also become an emotional addiction for many.

This also works the other way around.

Believing in a bad intended devlish deep state that is here to do a digital layer of absolute control take over drives on the same thing: fear

In that sense it doesn’t matter if you’re Q-anon, anti-Government and anti-Great Reset, or a fully jabbed and boosted serf of big Pharma and Big Tech’s product lines, being hooked on mainstream media. And loving it !

In both cases, you’re driven by fear. You’ve imprisoned yourself by your fear.

When the fear is gone, we can shake hands and realize we’re all the same, and all of our fear was an illusion to begin with. We shake hands in the trenches of this medical tyranny that we created ourselves.

We can decide, at any moment, to leave the trenches and celebrate life from now on, in unity.

This Christmas is showing this all over again, Just as the first week of lockdown 03/2020 did. When we all believed in a uniting story and stayed home. What an energetic imprint of what we’re capable of once-living from unity consciousness.

This is actually a restaurant in Australia after 2 years of home improsonment for most people. It’s an article in the conversation, Images still work best in propaganda

The next trigger is called vaccines mandates. It’s the next possibility for awakening

This is just a threat, again, triggering fear.

Let’s assume the total amount of Europeans not jabbed is about 20%. (Taken from the example of Spain) The total amount of EU citizens is 447 million, so 89,4 million people are at least hesitant of taking the jab.

The next stage in the Let’s Jab the World campaign is terrorizing Europeans with fines and even imprisonment when they don’t follow the mandatory jabs as from February, as initiated by the EU Chief of Fascism Von Leyden. It’s just levelling up the fear.

Now think about this. How to imprison 90 million people that simply refuse?

Sure, some millions will give in to fear of losing their jobs, needing to pay fines, and ultimately rotting away in a cell for the sake of public health.

We should thank you, fearfully fascist leaders. They are literally pushing a big part of humanity to go where they never went before. Their shadow, their fears.

It has now become a collective shadow and collective fear.

The process can take a few years. As it seems, millions are actually enjoying Fascism and fear porn. It’s quite addictive.

The advantages of Fascism

Let’s sum up the advantages of joining the current Medical Fascism Movement for a moment, using the important work of Prof. De Smet

  • You’re no longer alone. You’re now part of an ingroup that promises you safety, in fact, you probably feel safe at first since the main narrative protects you from your own unsteeling critical thoughts, and of course the ritual that makes you part of the clan: The jab. It doesn’t matter it doesn’t really protect you, it's a ritual that gives you psychological protection against an invisible enemy that will only cease to exist as long people actually believe in it.

  • Your life suddenly has meaning again. Shared meaning. You start to behave the same, believe the same, and even wear the same; masks, as symbols of your obedience to the cult. When you’re further on the path of full fascism you might develop some funny hand gestures. Maybe use the left arm this time? For this, you simply need enemies. Visible or not. You might even develop other rituals of mass behaviour to strengthen the bond beyond the jab. Like deportation of visible enemies?

  • You can have epic releases of hate. It’s now granted to dehumanize, what am I saying, it's not even granted, it's stimulated. You get extra status points from the clan ( or claps on Medium) and your status will skyrocket the meaner and more hateful you demonize non-jabbed folks that are killing millions and taking all of the hospital beds that your trusted Government refused to make more of the last 2 years.

  • Fascism kills individual responsibility. How convenient. Now you can transcent in groups think which completely fires you from any personal responsibility. ‘Public health’ has come to save you. It feels like spiritual enlightenment. How liberating to not have an ego or your own brain to think anymore, to take responsibility for your own life. You gave it all away to your Governments that will now own your body and will start to control every aspect of your life, including your sex life

My take on this?

Humanity is just doing it again, now globally. This is supposed to happen, and when I make sense of it in the context of people needing to go through their fears, it makes perfect sense.

Maybe the collective needs to become non-human first to realize its humanity. Maybe millions need to go through their hate first to discover their hidden love. Kind of Ying-Yang, dark night of the soul thing.

It’s what Charles Eisenstein mentions in his Coronation, the crowning. It’s all a mirror saying; do we really want to go there?

But what is the answer is a full collective YES?

YES, lets do full global Fascism

I firmly believe and want to believe it will stop with the mass mandate plans.

The next step will be camps all over Europe for the disobedient. For 90 million people. In theory, it can be done. World War II killed 70–85 million. Anything can be done at this stage.

I am not afraid of this, this is not my fear speaking, it's just following the plan. It's what politicians mention, followed by a big backlash. But the seed has been planted, it's more an announcement than a possibility. And has nothing to do with democracy.

At the end of the day. It’s the biggest fucking wake up call of the century.

It’s the biggest mirror that must and will lead to a massive awakening out of the fear when people are with their back against the wall and have nothing to lose anymore,

When the trains are ready to go and the bank just put our house on auction.

How to take authority back?

By taking it back.

Matthis de Smet’s take on this is that this will happen when the 40% obedient people that believed the narrative and pissed their pants with COVID, will shift their fear to something even more lethal and maybe…. real?

Like mass deportation and concentration camps on Europe’s soil.

Which is a whole different ballgame than the camps in Australia. Since they have no historical reference whatsoever. No idea what they’re playing with. And most of them are descendants of deported criminals, or their guards, which is even worse.

We, here in Europe, have a different history.

And the 40% is rapidly waking up. Especially in the Netherlands where the Government just killed the Christmas spirit with a hard lockdown. Restaurants, cafes and other social places can throw away their turkeys and goose and fine food. Or give it to the poor?

As it seems on LinkedIn (and this might just be algorithms built by Bill Gates to present me my ingroup), together with their food, people are throwing away the last bit of trust and respect they had for a Government willingly killing a complete economic segment, and any social contact during Christmas. ( The Dutch are allowed 2 extra people in their houses, haha )

The next step is to refuse to accept the bribing money that tries to buy their last gram of self-respect to push them into long live Jab serfdom. Keep your self-respect, your moral sense, your sovereignty. Join the society 4.0 movement, which actually also originated in Holland, ignited by Prof Bob the Wit.

It's possible, You can make it possible. We all can. When we switch the fear handle.

Step out of your fear, come co-create the new

Here in Ibiza, we form grounding groups or communities. I am in the token/ new economy subgroup. We use Prof Bob the Wit’s Society 4.0 as a blueprint as we go along creating our unique setting.

It’s not against anything. It’s simply building the new. It’s super exciting. The solution to all of it lies in creation. Create the new, don’t blame the old. It’s possible, it’s the only way forward. Find your local community. Apps already have been built to chart them out. There is no roadmap with a fixed goal.

Here is some advice I can give you from my own experience in Ibiza.

The keyword in all our efforts is GROUNDING. Why? because the new local societies will be built ground up. Everything starts in the ground. meaning, in reality, in a practical sense.

This is a set of guidelines coming from my first weeks of being in a grounding group

A. Let core values drive your group. Define those values. For one it’s freedom, for others it’s a deeper connection, for a third it’s giving back, being regenerative, healing the planet again. Communicating these values to the wider community will attract the people that feel aligned with the core values. It's like the new nation flag in a borderless new world. It drives the network effect like a central motor.

B. People will feel aligned with circles or spheres or communities where they need to be in this moment of time. Let that process unfold organically. When you feel you’re not in the right place, leave. Don’t waste your time. There is a group or circle or sphere waiting for you that is exactly right. That will accelerate your growth, where you can be optimally you, and bring your gift.

C. Leave linear thinking and linear creating. These grounding groups are not new start-ups in a hierarchical fashion with roadmaps and in the future projected goals to please their investors. Instead, create conditions for emergence to happen. I mean, be open for coincidence that we now better identify as synchronicity. Suddenly the right solutions appear when we open, stay in flow and stay embodied. Really listening where this process wants us to go, rather than steering it too much from fixed minds with achievable goals in the future. Let your organization follow natural principles, trust the process and stay in the now as much as you can.

D. Create structure and realize it’s a phase of transformation.

When people gather together to co-create, there needs to be structure and leadership. For example, our token group is looking for the best app, or technology, to use in our new barter-oriented economy. We know where we want to go, but we also realize many will continue to use PayPal and need to buy fridges or electrical equipment that your barter partner just can’t create. We have a small sub-team researching different options. Some things we will decide on our own, others we will present in a feedback loop.

E. Don’t throw away the old as one big bypass. Many are really fed up with the old world. But there is good stuff in there, of course, things that will stay. Take care that wanting to create the new doesn’t become a huge spiritual bypass where everything in the old is rejected as bad, or evil, or not spiritual. Realize we are still with one leg in the old and respect that fact. When people become too new agy with using too many bypass words, call them back to mother earth. Then there is probably some more shadow work to be done. When people tell you you are a Lemurian Goddes and Atlantis is near, ask them what those words mean for them on a personal level. Stay Real, stay grounded.

F. Be in circle, not squares.

Squares are soooo patriarchal 2019.

I am working in circles for 3 years now. Facilitating men’s circles and mixed heart circles. I have experienced the power of circle wisdom and the amplified field that comes with this at first hand. This energy and wisdom is basically the total sum of all wisdom in the individual hearts and minds, but bigger than that. When you get together in a circle and start speaking about a subject that needs clarification, you can invite this mechanism to work for the circle. When you discuss normal topics you can invite collective intelligence. This is more of a mental process. When you go for deeper transformation, it’s the wisdom of the circle that always spirals up to the truth. You can do breathing and other embodied practices. The goal then becomes to move energy that got stuck. All circles are about truth-finding. It’s up to the structure and the facilitator in what manner this powerful tool actually will be used to benefit from it in an optimal way.

G. Grounding means being practical.

What we’re doing is creating practical lists of offerings from our community of products and services that can be used during our first barter tryout. Think of farmers, car mechanics, hairdressers, housebuilders, cloth designers and creators. We have around 80% of healers in this group, so the challenge is to find more practical skills and offerings to make it work.

This is my list for now. Hope it helps.

I will update you with our developments here in Ibiza, as I hope to learn from other groups all over the world.

Last words.

The biggest trick in the books to control people is played again, now globally. Serve the people fear and they will do what you say.

Christianity did it by creating fear for hell and the wrath of God when you would not behave. The serfs started to wake up when quite literally millions died around them because of the black plague. This was the decisive moment these people found themselves with their back against the wall.

Why believe in a God that just killed my whole family and street?

Maybe the same will happen again. Maybe more and more people will find family and friends to die mysteriously as this roll out goes on.

Our modern Church; big tech, big pharma, marketplace science, social media and MSM will drill the story that it’s all the non-jabbed enemies fault. At some stage, people will simply stop believing this anymore. And it won’t matter, since your family just died.

New decentralized technology will then help us to unite, to gain more information, to exchange without banks, and unite beyond the separation created by the present feudal elite lords conspiring with our present Church, the biggest fear machine ever.

Back then, the Church sensed it was losing even more power the more people stood up beyond fear of an invisible punishing God. They went for absolute power; inquisition.

We are nearing the 21st variant of inquisition since the entities in power in our world are losing their power already for a while now amidst the rise of global awakening.

This will be the darkest phase for us. We might just have entered it.

It won’t be 300 years as in the dark middle ages. It will be much faster.

What’s next is rebirth. Renaissance.

Start your local societal rebirth with peers around you. It's essential. Be part of the grandest global awakening ever. Be part of tomorrows renaissance today. Join or start your local pocket of brave warriors for unity, love, respect and giving back. Or any value you feel aligned to.

Our global renaissance parties will be heard on Mars where Elon Musk and his friends will sit on their cold billions in utter disconnect with humanity.

They’re welcome back too.

Lucien Lecarme


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