Dec 29, 2022 • 6M

Words of Love after Years of War

This is the way out

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Something called Corona has placed a crown on the humanities division in the past 33 months.

Rulers always did the divide-and-conquer trick, but now they went next level, helped by machine learning supercomputers.

  • It helped that most of us are stuck with our noses to screens most of the time.

  • It helped that pushing the fear button in times of (created) crisis always works.

  • It helped that we’re ready as humanity to face our deepest collective shadows.

We moved into something totalitarian. Who would have thought a couple of years ago? We moved into a cult top-down structure with bribery, coercion, intimidation, mandates, and all the shit mafia pyramids do to exert maximum power and control over the mules, puppets, sheep and serfs while the top remains invisible. 

We’ve become openly fascist since people we’re more than ready to give in neighbours to flatten a curve

We’ve become openly evil

Part of the plan is exposing the plan in full sight. That’s how cults work. Gates grins, predicting humanity will be hit by many more pandemics (read; bio attacks on the population). At the same time, he is presenting his latest line of products: untested mRNA Jabs.

Problem — Reaction — Solution

It has become so blatantly apparent for those willing to see. What about those not able to see or simply not wanting to see? I guess it’s their own choice. Still, those people, the sheep, the cult members, are the ones complying, acquiescing, holding the structure in place, slowly putting a digital rope around our neck of freedom.

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We started to shake them up, bombard them with truth-finding podcasts, shout at them, freedom rally them, talk to them, hug them, try to discuss with them, throw flowers at them. 

Nothing works. All that this non-violent fight does is push us more in separate trenches. Have a peek at Twitter. 

There is a guy on Substack, Steve Kirch, who offers any official narrative defender, scientist, WHO or CDC director, simply any Covid/Mouthcap/Jab fan with some influence 1 million $ to debate.

Nobody called him. 

Well, this dude did but refrained when he saw that Steve Kirsch is a professional, well-prepared, and genuinely neutral. Just desperate for debate.

A cry in a sensored desert.

Where does that leave us? Still in the trenches. With Christmas, we traditionally leave those dug-out passages to shake hands and become human for a few days. Now the hate has grown deep. The overall war remains.

People can’t de-hypnotize just for a few moments a year as it seems.

The attack has been too fierce, the brainwashing too deep, and the propaganda relentless. 

What then is left for the human race to shake hands, to find the courage and strength to listen to the cancelled ones? To restore careers and reputations and use the wisdom that those pushed aside apparently have?

After countless podcasts, blogs and articles, my gist is this trinity of virtue:




In his last series on Evil, Charles Eisenstein concludes that all we can do to create a global brother and sisterhood is to remain faithful to our hearts. To not betray ourselves. To be courageous in the darkest hour of torture. The wisdom perpetuates that when one person stands stall in honour and dignity, the complete brotherhood will. We only need one. 


In this attack on humanity, remaining human seems the only sensible way. To stay connected to earth, land, and ground. To seed, nurture, love and harvest. To hold each other. To hold each, and every other. 

In essence, it’s a revolution of inclusion. In this final global one, nobody will be left behind. That's why the lotus must first go through the mud to flourish. The caterpillar needs to die to excel in butterfly beauty. 

The renaissance will come.

Hold firm, brothers and sisters. Stand tall. Include. All.

Lucien Lecarme


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