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How Covid set Humanity Free

The Covid Scam presented a choice — Stay in the Mud or Become One

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Lucien Lecarme
Charles Eisenstein
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Covid will be an empty phrase without meaning a few years from now.

Currently, the spell still works for a hypnotized few.

I will no longer give the word Covid and what it represents much power. This may be the last time I mention it.

It will be empty since we’ve moved on, woken up out of the spell.

Sure, a few hundred million, maybe a billion, will still be in fear when still alive—holding on to cognitive dissonance because they want to. 

They still be mass formated. They support the Covid myth since it prevents them from taking full responsibility for their lives and the planet. When people believe a myth, it makes it comes alive. For them, it was the great lie they more than willingly embraced to stay asleep and find some comfort from the real pains of life & growth. The truth is they loved merging into totalitarianism. 

It's easy to hide in the group and be told what to do when the going gets tough.

Some say Covid forced people to wake the fuck up out of the matrix or die. The great reset is the great awakening. In that sense, Covid can be seen as an accelerator for good on this planet, for growth, since the matrix is here to keep us prisoners. 

When the jab actually would be the outcome of a nefarious eugenic plan set out to kill billions of people, then the sane, aware, critical people that look right through the scam would remain alive and build a new better world. Right? 

Get my point?

Sorry for the spiritual imperialism here, the above is just a thought experiment to make something clear.

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When we continue this line of thinking and see Covid as a symbol of a a social, economic, cultural and human reset that was actually needed, we can release the evil tension around the word. 

Covid helped humanity to wake up out of its consumer slumber. 

It broke the routine of global mass production without awareness. It urged the biggest retreat in history. Billions of people got two years to think their lives over, to re-imagine the system, face their shadows and go down the rabbit hole.

The truth is it wasn’t designed this way.

The architects using the Corona virus that is hundreds of thousands of years old were fully aware that a shift of consciousness within humanity already was taking place. And of the imminent result: old systems dying that held their power in place. 

They knew we were speeding up towards more love, unity and letting go of old patriarchal pyramid power structures. The totalitarian pundits tried to resist this shift with all they got. 

They forced us their new system, their new normal, down our throats.

Hell, how they couldn't let go of their power. It’s highly addictive. It ran through a few hundred families, royals included, who robbed the world blind of their assets since that’s all they’re good at.

Their endgame was supposed to be total control. To shred humanity from its humanity, dignity and grace. To enslave us all. All from fear. The truth is they’ve been shitting their pants for real change the most. The Schwabs, Soros and Gates of this world. Tiny, scary people who build their empires on the back of the commons while not giving a fuck about humanity or the planet.

They used silly old power tricks that always worked until they didn’t. A toxic cocktail of information control, intimidation, fear, debt and mind control. 

Who controls the information controls the perception and, eventually, the people's minds. Think of it, the Bible was probably the biggest propaganda machine until the Internet came along.

This is the story of how humanity crawled out of the mud. 

The Story of how the dark mud pool became the lush forest

Imagine a small dark mud pool within a vast forest. 

In the mud, people still believe Governments. They are still giving their power away to some centralized authority. They still didn’t move out of being the abused, the victim. They are till their knees in the mud. They keep the role alive for the power-hungry to be the abusers and keep them, the crawlers, in low-frequency slow motion. Dragging through the mud, their shitty lives. 

The powerful control the way the mud people communicate. That’s all it takes for them to make them believe there isn’t a lovely lush forest around them. 

By owning the communication, they can create their perception, their reality. They make them believe they must struggle to keep their heads above the mud all their lives. The mud people are so tired they can’t even raise their heads to see the tops of the lush green trees at the edge of the mud. 

The rest of the world moved out of the mud and became the lotus, the butterfly.

The essential question is how we, the sane, awoken, conscious, responsible, inclusive, sovereigns, communicate. How do the lotus and the butterflies communicate and connect? 

The image of fungy comes to mind.

Around the mud pool, a vast network of threads has developed under the lush forest. It connects everyone who decided one day they had the power to step out of the mud. 

All information is equally shared. False information dies as quickly as it is created since its source doesn’t stand a chance in the immutable chain that will be verified by all the truths, hearts and wisdom that connect all the beings outside the mud. 

Imagine we’ve evolved into being highly telepathic. We have become manifestations of our inter-beingness. A term minted by

Our unity consciousness has become our prime mover. We have returned closer to nature than ever. The story of separation is over, and we crossed the time of the stories in between stories.  

Have a look back at the mud. 

A small dark island within a sea of love, wisdom and patience. We are all holding space: we, the fungy. We don’t force anybody to step out of the mud. That’s impossible. People need to emerge from their own stories when they’re ready. 

At the edge of the pool, one can see mud crawlers move slowly out the pool when their lonely battle against other crawlers becomes too endurable. They’re reaching out with their tired arms. They’re ready to be reborn. They shed off their muddy caterpillar skin, prepared to fly away in the forest to connect to the song of nature. 

In the end, all that remains are the architects of the old stories of fear, control, slavery, and so on. Their source of energy, humanity's fear, is gone. 

They will implode in the non-human form they’ve been all along, leaving this planet.

Their Job is done. The mud is gone. 

Humanity is free. 

Lucien Lecarme


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